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She looked unsure, still debating if she should stay or leave.

"Look, I just wanted to talk." I said. "We haven't really had a chance in a long time.

She rolled her eyes "Maybe cause you've been too busy being a jerk!" She said angrily.

"I'm sorry. Please can we just start over" I can't believe it, I'm begging!

"I don't know..." Kathryn said. I could see she was really thinking about it.

It seemed like forever but she finally sat down. "Ok" she said smiling shyly.

"You can let go of your rifle now." I laughed.

She saw that she was still holding the firearm and put it down while smiling sheepishly.

We talked for hours and it was great. When I wasn't being a jerk we actually got on. I was glad to have her as my friend


I walked up beside Marc-Andre and leaned on the edge of the roof. We were standing on the roof of a skyscraper that overlooked the city. It had been a long time since I saw a city without any trace of battle or war.

"Penny for your thoughts?" I asked him.

He nodded. "How do you cope with it?" He asked without looking at me.

"With what?" I asked him, doing the same.

"Look around." He said. "Look at this city and everyone in it." I looked around and he continued. "We are responsible for keeping these people safe from an attack. Doesn't it kind of overwhelm you?"

I nodded, still looking around. "All we can do is do our best. We can't be everywhere at once."

"But what if our best isn't good enough?" He asked, turning to me.

"It will have to do." I said. I looked at him and then returned my gaze to the scenery.


I was strolling around the city streets amelessly later that night. I walked past Ashley's apartment (totally accidently of course ;-)) I glanced up at her window, the light was on and I could hear music drifting from the window. For lack of anything better to do I just sat there listening, It was like the song was made for us.

'What we gonna do about us What we gonna do about us What we gonna do about us What, what, what, what
All of this time
You were standing in front of my face
It doesnít matter because I knew what it was
You around me made me feel that way
We used to be good friends
But some good things come to an end
Maybe thatís when true love can begin ....

Baby tell me can we be, together forever... '

The 'what we gonna do' part kept echoing in my head and I made up my mind, I picked up a small pebble and threw it at the window. Ashley soon came to it and looked out at me. She smiled and opened the window.

"hey" She said smiling.


"Come down here!" Marc-Andre called to me. I nodded and closed the curtain. The cd I was listening to was on Random. And a new song started..

'He must be out there
Somewhere.. Someone for me '
Yeah, he's out there. Right outside my window, waiting on the street... for me!


I was waiting outside for Ashley when I suddenly heard.

"Marc-Andre!!!!!!!!" She screeched.

I spun around to see her flying down the walkway towards me. "Help!" she called.

I was wondering what was going on when I noticed the rollerblades on her feet "Oh no! Not again" I muttered to myself.

She flew towards me and would have flown past but I reached out and caught her.

"Where did you get those things?" I asked

"The last people to live here left them behind. Cool huh?" She asked, holding on to me to keep her balance.

"Aaaaaaashley" I whined "You know how dangerous you can get with anything even resembling wheels!"

She blushed "Aww come on, that was years ago!"

"If I remember correctly, you rolled down main avenue, caused a fender bender, made a guy dodge out of your way and into a fruit stand and scared a cat up a tree before I had the chance to catch you." I laughed.

Ashley gave me a playful tap on the shoulder. "It wasn't THAT bad..." she thought some more, "Ok, so it was that bad. But I'm better now."

"You are?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah! I can stay on the sidewalk now." She smiled.

I loved that smile and I wish I could see it all the time.

She started to (attempt) to skate again.

"See I'm doing great!" She called over her shoulder. She turned to smile at me. Big Mistake! "Woah woah! HEEEEEEEEELP" She sped down the hill totally out of control.

"AAAAAAAASHLEY!" I called running after her.

Chapter 59

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