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"Enough 'yea's already!" I said with a laugh.

I kissed her again. I was so glad to be back.

"So what brings you guys back?" Ashley asked. "You guys didn't mention it on the phone."

"We're being stationed here." Marc-Andre said, getting up from the couch.

"You mean, you're both here to stay?" Mary-Kate said excitedly and she faced me with the brightest smile on her face.

I nodded and she gave me another hug.

"Can someone show me my room now?" Kathryn said whining.

"Yeah, I'll show you." I said. "Want to come Mary-Kate?" I asked her with a wink.

"sure!" she said taking my arm.


Here I am, left alone in the room with Ashley and she keeps trying to avoid me. What do I do? Maybe I can use Brett's on-the-fly technique and Kathryn's confindence attitude. A mix of the two should work... shouldn't it?

Oh help!

I walked over to Ashley. "I really missed you."

She looked up and smiled. "I missed you too."

That uncomfortable silence returned after that.

"So...." I said

"How have you been?" Ashley asked.

"I've been alright." I said. "I'm hanging in there. You?"

"I'm ok" she said. She played with the couch's cover not looking at me.

Ok this small talk was getting annoying! Time to quit beating about the bush.

"Ashley," I said, turning her face to look at me. "What happened... before I left... it meant something to me."

She finally focused on me "It meant something to me too" She whispered.

My heart rate quickened and I felt so happy. I reached out and gently touched her cheek "So what should we do about it?" I asked.

She opened her mouth to respond but just then the door opened.

Brett appeared from behind the door and looked at us. "Am I interrupting?"

I glared at him. "What is it?"

"Captain is calling us to the base. Something big." He said.

I turned to face Ashley. "I'll be back soon." as I brushed back a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

She nodded sadly and I followed Brett out the door.

I glared at Brett as we walked down the hall.

"What?" He said. "WHAT?!"

This brought back memories of me interrupting MK for almost the same reason. We made it to the base and Captain Gibson stood at a poduim to address the soldiers.

"Good to see you men, for those who don't know me, I am Captain Gibson. I just transferred here with my squad from L.A. We have a serious problem here, but I will let Colonel Williams explain." Captain Gibson said and he stepped aside as a colonel got up and walked to the podium.

"A colonel?" Paul said.

"Must be important." John added.

"Greetings." Colonel Williams said. "We have had reports of the enemy moving in from the coasts with more re-enforcements to split up our forces and wear them thin. The Cheyenne Mountain Military base has decided that cities with military bases are to be fortified and protected from invasion. We are to build the proper defensive measures to ensure that we are ready for any attacks. We have recon planes flying around and fighters ready at a moment's notice. Your commanding officer will inform you of your tasks. As of now, you are on call 24/7 and be ready for anything. I have given permission to let you all carry your firearms while off duty incase we are caught by surprise. That's all I have for now. Thank you." He left the podium.

"Gonna be one of those days." Brett said.


Well, that really helped things.




Kathryn seemed nice. And brave. I can't imagine how scary the stuff she does must be.

And I'm not talking about fighting in the army.

I'm talking about being around all those guys!

I saw her walking down the street with an rifle in her hand. I was curious and a little scared all at once. I went over to talk to her.

"Hi." I said smiling.

She jumped a bit as I surprised her. "Oh! Hi." She smiled back.

"How are you?" I asked.

"Ok.. I guess" She said "There's some major stuff going on, Which is kind of scary"

"What kind of stuff?" I asked.

"I don't know if I'm supposed to talk about it." She said looking around.

"Kathryn, you're scaring me a bit." I said. I didn't know what to think.

"Well, we are getting the city ready incase we are attacked." She whispered. "But, don't tell anyone." She looked like she was shaking a bit.

"Kathryn!" Brett called from down the street. She spun around and pointed her rifle at Brett. He hit the ground incase she shot off a bullet. "Easy!" Brett said, getting off the ground.

"Sorry" Kat said blushing a little "Guess I'm a bit nervous."

I turned to Brett "Why is she nervous?!" I asked.

He paused and looked at Kathryn. "Paul's looking for you." He said to her. "He said to meet at the coffee shop in ten minutes."

Kathryn nodded and left.

"Brett?" I asked him again. "What's going on? I'm getting scared."

He held me in his arms. "Don't worry Mary-Kate." He stepped back and held my hands. "I don't want to scare you, but I also don't want to leave you in the dark."

I held my breath.

"We have reports of the enemy moving inland to try and divide the forces. So we were told to get the city ready in case, and only in case, we get attacked. The chances are pretty slim and we have recon planes in the air around the clock so we will know in advance if anything is coming." He said softly.

Ok if that was supposed to be a comfort it wasn't. But I didn't want to add to Brett's worries "Ok" I said quietly, nodding.

"I know that look in your eyes." Brett smiled.

"What look?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"Come on, MK." He said. "Are you ok?"

I nodded again "Yeah" I said "I will be"

He gave me a kiss on my forehead, then a kiss on the lips. "I promise that Marc-Andre and I will get you and Ashley to the safest place if anything should happen."

I just nodded.


I sat in the cafe, waiting for Kathryn to arrive. People were looking at me stragely and I sat in a booth. I couldn't say I blame them. If I saw an off duty soldier sitting in a booth in a coffee shop with a rifle on the seat, I would stare too.

Kat finally arrived and sat down in front of me. I sipped a from my mochaccino and said "Thought you'd never get here."

She raised an eyebrow "Maybe I shouldn't have" She said and started to get up.

"No wait!" I said putting up a hand to stop her.

Chapter 58

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