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I was woken the next morning by the darn phone ringing "Hello?" I mumbled sleepily. I didn't hear anything then realized I had the phone upside down so I was listening to the reciever. I blushed and put it the right way "hello?"

"Ashley?" It was Marc-Andre.

"Hey," I said, not knowing what to think or feel.

"Hey" He whispered "I have good news"

"What is it?"

"We're coming to Sierra City!"

"That's great!" I yelled happily.

My shouting woke Mary-Kate who sat up and rubbed her eyes "What is it?" She whispered.

I just waved my hand at her to be silent "When?"

"I'm not totally sure but soon"

I was happy of course. But also kind of scared.

"Ashley!" Mary-Kate whined. "Tell me!"

I waved my hand at her again. "What about Brett?" I asked.

"Brett?!" Mary-Kate said loudly. "What about Brett?! Is he ok?!"

"Fine." I said to Mary-Kate and covering the receiver of the phone. "Just hold on a sec!"

"He's coming too." Marc-Andre said.

"Great!" I said.

"I gotta go. See you two soon." He said.

"Bye." I hung up.

"WELL?" Mary-Kate asked.

"They're coming here!" I squeeked joyfully

Mary-Kate and I started to do a happy dance.

"Look at this place!" I said as I looked at the mess known as our apartment.

"Clean up time!" Mary-Kate said.


We were informed we would be leaving for Sierra City the next day. I was happy to get out of L.A. But I was also kind of nervous about meeting Mary-Kate and Ashley. It had been like a week since I'd talked to another girl and I was sick of being around tons of guys. I just hoped I'd get on with them. Hearing Brett and Marc-Andre talk you'd think they were perfect.

"This is a picture of Mary-Kate." Brett said sitting beside me and handing me a picture that had seen better days. "Isn't she beautiful?"

I took the picture and I looked at it. "She's very pretty." I smiled. "You two looked happy."

"That was the day before I left for the war for the first time." He said, taking the picture and looking at it. "We didn't have the chance to finish the picnic until a month or two later and that's when we started going out." The smile got wider on his face.

Chapter 56

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