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"WHAT?" Paul exclaimed. "I know you can shoot and all but I don't think this is the place for you."

What is with boys and sending the poor little girls off... "By the looks of things, you could use my help."

"What's that supposed to mean? I can't take care of myself?" He asked, looking insulted.

"Alright kids, break it up." Marc-Andre came in.

I rewarded him with a glare. Why did EVERYONE have to use the word 'kid'?

"Lets make a deal" I said to Paul "You leave me alone. I leave you alone?"

"Deal!" He yelled before storming out the door.

"Why do guys and girls always get mad at each other and one storms off?" Marc-Andre said to himself.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"My best friend, Brett, and my other friend Mary-Kate just went through this whole song and dance you guys are going through." He explained with a smile creeping up on his face.

"Where is this Brett?" I asked, looking around.

"We was badly hurt in a flood and is recovering back home. I expect him back any day now." He answered. "I think you'll like him."

I smiled.


I slowly opened my eyes and let them adjust to the lights. My head felt like it was being played by a drummer. I groaned as I looked around for any familiar surroundings. I tried to remember what happened and I quickly recalled that I was fighting... more like getting beaten up by Ryan.

"Mary-Kate?" I almost whispered. "Mary-Kate where are you..." I said, afraid that something happened to her while I was out.

"I'm here!" She called, appearing at my side and lovingly brushing my hair away from my face "I'm here" she repeated quietly.

I smiled at her, relieved that she was alright.

"Is Ashley ok, too?" I asked her.

Mary-Kate nodded "She's at the cafeteria getting us something to eat."

"Ryan?" I asked her.

"The police came by and arrested him." She looked at me. "You had me quite worried."

"Sorry" I apologized quietly "I worried myself too" I said leaning back on the bed. Ouch, was I ever in pain.

"I'm glad your ok." I smiled to Mary-Kate. She leaned down and we shared a kiss. A few seconds later, Ashley walked in.

"Sorry" She said and headed outside again.

Mary-Kate laughed "Bring that food right back here young lady!" She called out sternly.

Ashley walked back in smiling.

"Glad to see you're awake, Brett." Ashley smiled.

"Me too." I grinned, looking at Mary-Kate.

"So.." I sighed "How much longer am I here?"

"The nurse said about a week or so"

"great!" I said sarcastically.

The week went by really slowly for me. Between extended time of lying down and doing nothing, I at I least got to start walking around and Mary-Kate and Ashley were able to visit me. Mary-Kate and I took strolls around the hospital and I played a few games with Ashley. Finally, the day of my release came around and I was ready!


Brett was SO excited and happy to get out of the hospital. I tried to feel happy with him but I couldn't. Sure the fact that he was well is great. But that means he'll go back to fight...

We walked out of the hospital and Brett took a big breath and stretched out. "It feels so good to be out of... where did the town go?" He asked as he looked around.

"The town was washed away, remember?" I said.

"I never had the chance to look around." He said. "I was busy being washed away and beaten up and all." He joked.

I sighed "Everyones being relocated" I said "Ashley and I have to move to some new city" It was a fact I definitely wasn't happy about.

"Don't worry." He said putting his arms around me. "Maybe you'll have stuff to do in the new city. You did complain about it being dull here."

"Yea..." I said.

"Where is this new city?"

"Sierra" I answered. "At least the name sounds cool.."

"Oh," He said, slowly rocking back side to side, "Where is it?"

"Somewhere in California I think." I replied. He drew back a little.

"You'll be careful right?" He said.

"I will." I said with a sigh.




The bus for Sierra was leaving in 10 minutes. Bretts helicopter to LA was leaving in 5. So I was getting the treat of standing there watching their tearful good-bye *Sigh*

"I'll miss you." Mary-Kate said.

"I'll miss you more." Brett said.

"I'll miss you most!" Mary-Kate topped it off before giving him a long kiss.

I looked away as they kissed, it still hurt. When they were done I turned and gave Brett a hug and said my goodbyes.

"Come on Brett! The heli's leaving!" A soldier said from the helicopter.

"I'm coming." Brett said. "Be back before you know it." He smiled to us. He gave Mary-Kate one last kiss and ran off towards the helicopter.

Mary-Kate sighed sadly and we went over to the bus and got on. The last time we'd been on a bus it had been with Marc-Andre and Brett. This time we were on our own. And this time Matt wouldn't be waiting for us at our destination. I had to work to hold back the tears.


"Another ten pushups and you're done your training." I said to Kathryn.

"I'm almost hoping she fails." John said.

"I bet she will." Paul added.

"Shut up!" Kathryn said, struggling. She was on her twenty-first of her thirty pushups at the end of her excercise.

"Another eight more!" I said.

She groaned and she pushed herself to get those thirty done. She was on her last one and was struggling to get herself up.

"Come on, Kathryn!" I encouraged.

"Quit!" Paul yelled.

"Shut up or get out of here." I said to Paul with a glare.

"Can't make me." He returned.

"Thirty!" Kathryn said. I looked down and she did indeed finish her pushups.

"YOU DID IT!" I smiled.

She started to do a happy dance, but didn't have enough energy and started to collapse.

"Kathryn!" I yelled.

Before she hit the ground, someone caught her. It took me a second to realize who it was.

"Do you have this effect on all women?" Brett said, smiling. He looked down at Kathryn. "I don't believe we've met."

Chapter 53

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