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Paul, John and I told Kathryn to stay down as we checked out the window for the sniper.

We couldn't see the person though. I turned to Kathryn "Don't worry we'll be ok" I said expecting her to be totally freaked out but instead she was calm.

"Anything I can do to help out?" She asked.

I just shook my head unable to come up with an answer I was so surprised. Ashley would be hiding under the table screaming!

"You know how to shoot a rifle?" I asked her.

"Yes." She said as she grabbed the M-16 that was lying on the table.

"We've got to have a talk later, sis." John said with dismay.

"Any ideas?" Paul asked.

"Any one have a mirror?" Kathryn asked.

"This is no time to fix up your make-up!" Paul said.

Kathryn glared at him and said. "No stupid. So we can look out the window without getting shot."

Paul looked a little sheepish "Oh" He went off in search of one.

The mirror was brought back and put in place. We were able to see outside and spotted the sniper behind the tree. Only for a split second though as another bullet soon arrived and smashed the mirror.

"Anymore bright ideas?" Paul asked sarcastically.

"Yeah! Shut up!" Kathryn said angrily swinging the rifle around.

I held it away from Paul, since it had been dangerously pointed in his direction. "Get the sniper first?" I suggested.

"How about we throw a grenade in his direction and that way the others could find him." John suggested.

"Anyone have a grenade?" I asked.


"Thanks..." I said sarcastically.

We got a grenade and we threw it towards the tree. It didn't quite land as far as we wanted but the other soldiers noticed him when he ducked to avoid the grenade. They made short work of the sniper and patrols were sent out to see if any more were out there. We were safe to stand up now.

"Nice moves, kid." I said to Kathryn.

"I'm NOT a kid!" She stomped her foot.

"Sorry" I said putting my hands up as if to protect myself.

"Whatever" She flounced out of the room. Then returned a few seconds later "Um, where am I supposed to go again?" she asked sheepishly.

I fought back a laugh

"We better go see the captain about this. We could use more people around here like her." I said.

"NO WAY!" John said. "I am NOT letting my little sister fight in a war!"

"I am not little!" Kathryn insisted.

"Sorry sis. I know you're a big girl now" He said teasing her.

She just glared at him.

"This is going to be a long war..." I said to myself.

"Ok break it up already." Paul said.

"Don't you start..." John said pointing at him.

"It's not pilote to point!" Kathryn said.

"ENOUGH!" I boomed.

Everyone was quiet and looked at me

"We'll go talk to the captain" I said calmly. Kathryn looked a little scared. I guess what we'd said about the captain made her quiet scared of him.


"She's too young." Captain Gibson said.

"Come on, Captain!" I defended her. "How many people do you think lied about their age to be here."

"Well, that still doesn't change my mind." He said.

"She was able to make it all the way here without being seen or shot." Paul said.

"Really?" He said, turning to face Kathryn.

"Ye..Yes sir." She said meekly.

"What do you think about all this?" He said to John.

"I don't like it!" John said angrily.

"Well... since she is not of legal age yet and John is... I can't let her stay." The captain said.

"Sir, just let me prove I can make it here." Kathryn said.

The captain considered for a moment.


"It's all my fault" I said pacing around the waiting room of the hospital (we sure spent a lot of times at hospitals lately) "he's here because of me!"

"Shhh" Ashley said soothingly "he'll be ok"

"But what if he isn't?" I said quickly. "How am I supposed to live with myself, having caused the death of my boyfriend?"

"You're over reacting Mary-Kate." She said to me. "Just sit down and take deep breaths."

I took a chair and sat down beside Brett. "Please be ok." I said, taking his hand.


Don't you just love overprotective brothers? John should have realized by now that I could look after myself. I got in here alive didn't I? Augh! this is torture... waiting for this captain guys decision.

He finally glanced up at us "As far as I know you're 18 years old" He said.

I nodded understanding his meaning.

"But sir!" John said

The captain put his hand up "She'll just go through basic training. And since we can't get her out of L.A. Safely she'll won't be in any more danger then she would if she weren't going through training. In fact training will increase her ability to protect herself"

John nodded seeing the Captains point. I Had to work to keep the proud look of my face. Take that big brother!

Of course there was one downside.


Chapter 52

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