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I woke up and it took a second for me to remember what happened. I remembered and shot up, again feeling the stab of pain.

"Mary-Kate!" I screamed

A nurse came in "If you play another stunt like that it'll be a lot worse for you" She informed me.

"You don't understand!" I said "My girlfriends in trouble!"


"I don't have time to explain." I said as I walked as fast as I could towards the door. "You're just going to have to trust me! I don't have any time to waste!" I gave the nurse a piercing look.

She stepped aside and I started down the hall.


"LEAVE US ALONE!" I desperately shouted over my shoulder as I ran up the hill toward the hospital.

"Mary-Kate!" I heard Brett yell from on top of the hill.

"Help!" I yelled to him.

He ran down as best he could, I could tell he was hurting.

Ryan let out a snarl when he saw him coming.

Brett had gravity on his side and he jumped and tackled Ryan. They both rolled down the hill together, landing side by side as they reached the bottom. Brett was hurting badly now and was struggling to get to his feet. Ryan was so exhausted by the run that he was doing the same.

"I won't...ugh...let you hurt her." Brett said as he took a swing at Ryan.

He was losing the battle though. I ran down the hill as fast as I could and lept onto Ryans back knocking him to the ground.

He threw me off and I landed with a thud. "ow!" I said. Ashley came down and helped in the fight.

Ryan was beating on Brett when Ashley gave Ryan a kick in the knee. Ryan screamed in pain as Brett fell to the floor.

I'd had enough and this had to end now.

I jumped on top of Ryan holding him down on the ground, and Ashley followed suit. Just then a police car drove past.

Perfect timing! Why couldn't they have gone past earlier?

The car screeched to a stop and a policemen got out. "Hey! What's going on over there!" He yelled as he ran.

"Help us!" Ashley yelled.

"He's trying to hurt us!" I added, still struggling to keep Ryan down.

"Don't believe them!" Ryan shouted. "I was just walking down the street and they attacked me" He struggled to knock Ashley and I off him.

The two police officers looked at eachother, wondering who to believe. They noticed Brett on the floor, motionless.

"What happened to him?" They asked concerned and rushed over to them.

"They both attacked him like they are doing to me." Ryan said, still attempting to get Ashley and I off.

"NO WAY!" I said. Just as he managed to knock me off, I hit the ground with a thud but hardly noticed "He's my boyfriend I wouldn't hurt him!"

I heard Brett softly say "She's telling the truth." from where he lay on the ground and then he passed out again.

The cops grabbed Ryan and attempted to put him into their patrol car.

"NO!" He struggled to try and get away from the cops. His fight didn't last long as they police officers threw him into the back of the car.

The female officer said "Don't need to worry girls, we'll make sure he doesn't bother you again. We'll call the hospital for them to come and get your friend." She said, pointing to Brett.

"OMG! Brett!" I yelled as I ran over to him.

He looked extremely bad, if he didn't have broken ribs before he sure did now. And he had a really bad gash on his face that was bleeding a lot.

"Brett?! Can you hear me?" I said to him and I held his head.

A few paramedics came down the hill with a stretcher and a medical kit. When they got to us, they put Brett on the stretcher and checked on him. They took his pulse, checked his breathing and a few other thigns that I couldn't see.

I hugged Ashley as I saw them work on Brett.


The captain returned and glanced at us "You ok?" He asked

"Fine! Why?" I asked

"You look a little nervous"

"We're fine!"

He looked at us strange then left the room. I saw Kathryn breath a sigh of relief then climb out from under the desk.

"Ok, so what are you planning to do with your sister?" I asked John.

We were in a warzone after all and this was no place for a civilian. With the snipers and scouts that have bypassed our frontlines, the base was now on high alert. The enemy could be anywhere so we had to keep low.

"I'm trying to figure that out right now." John said, glaring at his sister.

"Better decide fast," Paul said. "This can't be kept a secret for very long.

It was eventually decided that

"What if we disguise her as a lunch lady?" Paul suggested.

"Ew!" Kathryn said. "No way am I touching that stuff."

"This would be where my friends roll their eyes." I said to John.

"Well you're the one that came down here." John retaliated. "What did you want to do?"

"Anything but stay with that annoying foster family place" She said with a shudder "Talk about hideous!"

"It's got to be better than here." Paul said, standing beside me.

"Yeah? You don't know what you're talking about!" Kathryn retaliated "Try being a 16 year old girl in the middle of the war. You're not respected as being capable to look after yourself cause you're a girl. And you're treated like a child even though you're only 2 years short of legally being an adult!"

"I wouldn't mind that." John said. "If not being respected as being able to take care of yourself means I can trade dodging bullets and losing friends for sleeping in a safe bed I would trade any day."

"I second that." I added

"You don't understand" Kathryn said sadly looking away.

"Fine! We don't understand!" Paul said feeling frustrated. "Lets just work out what we're going to do with you and leave it at that. Deal?"

"You don't need to be so mean." She said softly.

"Look, Paul." I said to him, trying not to let Kathryn overhear. "Maybe you should go cool off a bit. You being irritated and her being mad at you won't help the situation."

"But..." Paul started.

We then heard the wizz of a bullet hit the wall behind us.

"SNIPER! EVERYONE DOWN!" I yelled out to the rest of the base. We could hear soldiers echoing the message to the rest.

Chapter 51

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