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Mary-Kate shrugged my arm off and refused to talk to me after that. She stubbornly refused to look at me even. Opting to stare out the window instead. Eventually the lull of the bus caused her to fall asleep. Head rested on my shoulder. I sighed my arm back around. Figuring she still wouldn't be talking to me when she awoke.

Marc-Andre looked over to me and we talked again for the first time since we found the Olsen's house a crater.

"You scared man?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I'm scared." I replied with an understatement.

"It's not like we have all that much left to lose." Marc-Andre said trying to be optimistic. I looked down at Ashley and then the sleeping Mary-Kate.

"Yes, we do." I said. Marc-Andre agreed with me.


I woke up from a nightmare screaming loudly. (how embarrassing)

"NO!" I yelled.

"MK, It's ok." Brett said. "It was only a dream."

I hugged him tightly, then remembered that I was mad at him.

I pulled away and folded my arms across my chest and glared out the window. I saw Ashley glance back at me concernedly. I forced a smile to show her I was ok. Then went back to the window.


Someday Brett isn't going to be as patient with Mary-Kate's temper. Sure she doesn't want him to go. But it isn't her call.

I understand their need to fight for our country. I still wish they didn't have too. We've been together for so long and I don't know how we could ever be split apart. Whenever one was sick, all three of the others would go and try to help out by reading a story or making soup. I remember one time Mary-Kate was sick and we put on this puppet play for her. We laughed so hard it hurt. Especially when Brett and Marc-Andre did this sort of puppet mortal combat.

A smile started to stretch across my face and a short laugh slipped out.

"What are you laughing at?" Marc-Andre smiled.

"Old memories." I simply said. He smiled.

"I think I'll try that, too. Thinking back to fun times will help the situation." He said.

He proceeded to drift into daydream land a smile on his face. I watched him for awhile. Subtly so as not to drive him crazy. I was REALLY gonna miss him. I smiled sadly and snuggled closer to his side. He put an arm round me and grinned.

"Remember that time when we?..." We proceeded to share sweet memories.


I silently watched and listened to Marc-Andre and Ashley as they reminisced (sp). It made me happy to see them smiling and laughing again. If only I could see Mary-Kate smile again, but right now, I'd be lucky to even have anything other than an angry face. Why me?

Why was I stuck liking such a temperamental difficult girl? Wait a minute! Did I just admit something here? Oops! Oh what does it matter. She doesn't feel the same. Everyone knows that. I sighed.

By this time it was getting dark. But still the bus drove on. I wondered how long we'd be driving. Sometime in the early morning hours I finally fell asleep. Dreaming of Mary-Kate

We were in a quiet place, with no one else around. We sat in a forest in front of a fire, with a gentle breeeze blowing by. All we heard was the waving of the leaves and the crackle of the fire. It was so peaceful here and I never wanted to leave. I held Mary-Kate in my arms in the silence of the moment. This was all we needed to be happy.

There's only one down side with dreams. They end. I was soon awoken by the bus stopping. We had reached our destination.
"Mary-Kate" I whispered quietly "Mary-Kate wake up"

She woke up and glanced around as if trying to work out where she was. Then she remembered. Tears came to her eyes. She glanced to me for comfort then remembered she was mad at me and turned away.

I sighed.
Chapter 6

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