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"Careful!" Ashley warned.

"Why?" Brett said, a little worried.

"If you're not nice to us, well make you watch..." She paused for dramatic effect. "The shopping network!"

Brett gasped. He clutched his chest, I guess since his ribs were sore from being pinned to the tree. "Not the shopping network." He said, still recovering from the pain.

"Yea!" I played along. "I love watching the shopping network and watching what kind of jewlery I wish I owned."

"Someone kill me now..." Brett said, exasperated.


The helicopter neared LA. This was it, again. Only last time I was with 2 friends. Now I was entirely on my own.

We set down in the base that was once our school. Things were the same as when I'd left but at the same time they were different. The vehicles weren't as many and the people's faces were different. I walked around the base and I found my old bunk. I saw Brett and Matt's old bunks and I was saddened as I truly realized that, for now, I was alone.

"Marc-Andre, you are to go to the Major's office immediately." A young soldier said to him from the door. I only nodded and put my things down on the makeshift bed.

I walked to the Major's office. He and Captain Gibson had been discussing something while they waited for me. I stood to attention and I saluted them both.

"Have a seat." The Major said. "My name is Major Scott. You must be wondering why you were brought here before your leave was done."

I nodded silently.

"I'll get right down to business." He said.


Something was up with Ashley. I may be a guy but that doesn't mean I'm totally ignorant. She was acting totally strange, my guess something happened when she and Marc-Andre said good-bye. But what?

I also got the feeling she wanted to talk to Mary-Kate, but had the slight problem of Mary-Kate being in the room. Oh well, can't be helped. I didn't exactly want to be in that hospital room either!

The two had been teasing me for like, the last 10 minutes.

They'd subjected me to cartoons, romances, infomercials, basically everything a guy can't stand. Even boyband music videos! Ugh! The torture!

I almost wished I was out there with Marc-Andre and the other recruits. I don't anything could be worse then being stuck in a room with two females intent on torturing me!


Mary-Kate and I were majorly enjoying our torture session. For me it was a welcome distraction from the whole Marc-Andre thing.

"Ugh! Mary-Kate. Please? No more!" Brett begged when Mary-Kate switched to Dawson's Creek.

I laughed. This was fun!


I walked out of the Major's office, thinking about what he had just told me. The enemy had developed a new kind of armor for their vehicles and soldiers that was completely bullet proof. When our soldiers shot at them, it was like shooting spit-balls and they just kept coming. We already lost half the city to them and we weren't any closer to finding a weakness.

I made it back to my bunk and I looked at Matt and Brett's old bunks, wishing they were here with me.


"Please, no more." I said, pleading. "Please turn it off."

Mary-Kate looked at me and grinned. I gave her the puppy eyes. "NO!!" She yelled. "Not the puppy eyes!"

"Look away MK!" Ashley said from her chair.

"Must... look... away..." She said and she struggled to turn her head away from me. After some effort, she managed to avoid the puppy look. "YES!" They both cheered.

"Nothing ever works for me." I pouted.


How do you stop an unstoppable enemy? Especially when you don't even know what you're fighting.

It's not a land dispute that's been raging for years.

Simply some sudden, freak attack.

And the scary part is they're winning!

A few days passed and I was then called to a mission briefing. There were about twenty of us sitting with Captain Gibson and an engineer on a platform. When everyone was seated, the captain began the briefing.

"Alright, settle down everyone!" He said. "We're being sent on a guinea pig mission to test out this new weapon against the enemy." He said pointing to an oddly shaped gun. It was almost like a shotgun, but with a sleeker, more advanced look. "This is the new P-10. It uses the same concept as a pile driver, but reloads like a shotgun instead of reloading manually after each shot." He looked around at a few confused faces. "For those who don't know, a rail driver is used to punch holes into rocks and other really hard materials by using very, very powerful and oppositely charged magnets to make them go really, really fast in a very short amount of time. This allows us to use bigger and more solid pieces of metal and launching them at the enemy at fast speeds, hoping it will punch through what they have on. There is no guarantee this will work at all, but I'm hoping lady luck is smiling on us. Only half of you will be equipped with a RD-10 for this mission so either way we can have half our force fighting if it doesn't work."

"When do we leave for this mission and what does it involve?" I asked.

"I'm glad you asked that question." He said, "We will move out at dusk and silently find an outpost and test it on some soldiers there. Because of the use of magnets and not gun-powder, the shot is silent and only the reload makes noise. So I want you each to shoot one shot at a soldier and not reload unless it's necessary."

He proceeded to name the people who would have the new P-10 on the mission, and lucky me, I was one of them. I tried to look on the bright side, if it didn't pierce the armor and kill them, with the speeds it would give them a world of hurt.


FINALLY! I get out of this hideous hospital today! I so can't wait!


Mary-Kate's lucky, she gets out of the hospital today. I get to rot here for who knows how long until I can go back to duty and join Marc-Andre. I am going crazy inside and there isn't anything I can do to stop it! ARGH!


I love being able to walk again!

I leaned down to hug Brett and smiled "You'll be out before you know it" I said encouragingly.

"Sure" he said glumly.

Chapter 48

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