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"Take that beam and put it here!" I yelled over to Brett. He did it as fast as he could, but it was getting hard to keep our balance. Water was rushing out of holes in the dam and pushed us away with it's force.

A new hole formed up just in front of Brett and he flew back a couple of feet.

"Brett!" I ran over to him. "You alright bro?" I asked him. Although we weren't brothers, we were close enough to be.

"Get back to the dam!" He yelled. "I'll be fine!"

We could hear loud cracking and I looked towards the dam. I immediately got on the radio and reported what I was seeing.

"Sir!" I yelled. "The dam is breaking and there isn't a thing we can do to stop it!"

"Alright, you did what you had too. Get out of there soldier!" Gibson answered.

I got down and helped Brett up off the ground. "Let's get out of here!"


I went through all the keys none working, I was now at the very last one.

"Please work, Please work" I slipped it into the lock and turned...

The door swung open and a 3 year old had it's arms wrapped around my leg crying.

"Shhh it's ok" I said picking him up "You're ok now" I headed for the door 'But we won't be if we don't get out of here' I thought to myself.


"Faster!" I yelled to Brett as he ran right behind me.

"This is going to be close!" He yelled back. "Just a little farther to a safe location!"

We jumped over some debris that had been pushed over the dam. The ground was saturated with water and made it hard to run fast. We both slipped on a hidden patch of mud, sending us both to the ground.

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!" We screamed as we slid through the mud. The slide finally subsided and we scarmbled to our feet.

"THE DAM'S BREAKING" I heard Brett yell from behind me.

"NO KIDDING!" I yelled back, leaping over a log in my way and landing with a splash. We were almost there..


I ran outside and heard a lot of commotion by the dam "Oh no" I breathed.

I started running for the nearest hill, which happened to be where Brett and Marc-Andre were heading.


I reached safety and turned to see Ashley running in our direction, a little kid in her arms...

"ASHLEY!" I called running towards her.

"MARC-ANDRE!" She yelled.

She was running with the child in her arms and she tripped on a hidden tree truck, sending them both to the ground.

By the time I reached her, she was holding her ankle. "I hurt my ankle. I can't walk!" She said to me. "Save the kid!"

Brett ran up behind me. "I'll take the kid, you get Ashley out of here!" He said as he picked up the young boy.

"You'll never make it if you carry me. Save yourself." Ashley said to me.

"I made a promise and I don't intend to break it!" I said to her as I ran.

"Promise?" She asked me.

"I'll explain later!" I said.

I picked her up and started running. Such a short distance had never looked longer in my life. I heard a sudden crash behind me and the roar of a wall of water gushing through where the dam had once been...

I ran for all I was worth towards the top of the hill.

"Come on!" I heard Brett call out from the hill. "You're almost there!"

The water was coming so fast and I was still just outside of the safe zone. I jumped over a large peice of rubble and kept running.


I heard the dam break and was immediately filled with dread. Where were Ashley, Brett and Marc-Andre? Were they ok?


I shouted encouragement to Marc-Andre as he ran, but I couldn't ignore the wall of silver water that was practically licking at his feet.

"You're almost there!" I shouted 'come on, come on' I whispered under my breath.

Just as the wall of water was about to hit Marc-Andre and Ashley, I ran out and gave Marc-Andre that extra push to get him high enough above the water. I wasn't fast enough and the water hit me, sending me flying to the side and into the raging river.

"NOOOOO!" Ashley yelled.

Chapter 44

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