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We held our breath waiting for the Captain to answer. This could get ugly...

He looked like he was going to destroy something.

"Ashley, go to the hospital. Please!" Marc-Andre said.

"But..." Ashley said. "But what about you?"

"I'll be fine." He said, "Brett will be here. He's already rescued me once today."

I waved. "Remember me?" I said to Ashley who didn't seem all that concerned about me.

She glanced around threw one last glare at the captain then stormed up the hill.


How chauvinistic! I could so have helped there! They were just being stupid males! OOH this makes me mad!

I kicked a stone and it went hurtling across the road as I walked. I was supposed to go to the hospital, but didn't really want to. So instead I was walking around in the dark in a middle of a storm.

Guess you can tell I'm still upset.


I woke up from my nightmare with a start. "Brett?" I whispered looking around the room. He was nowhere in sight. "Brett?!" I called a little louder.

A nurse walked in "The dams flooding" she explained "your friend had to go help"

"Thank-you" I said settling down a little, but worrying about Brett. I hope he's ok.


I was kind of worried about Ashley, she'd looked pretty upset..

"Marc-Andre, hurry it up!" I heard Brett yell, snpping me out of my daze.

"The dam's about to break!" A recruit yelled out.

Captain Gibson was talking on the radio with evacuation co-ordinators. "We still have people to evacuate! Hold your ground men! Brett! Mar-Andre! Get up to that dam and put more support beams on there!"

"Yes sir!" We both yelled.

"You don't think this would be punishment for what Ash did do you?" I asked Brett.

He shrugged and kept running towards the dam.


A lightning bolt zigzagged through the sky causing me to jump. From the temporary light I could see through the window how swollen the river was. I'd heard the town had been evacuated. Since the hospital was on a hill and out of the way of the river it hadn't.

"It looks hopeless" I whispered to myself looking towards the dam.


"Watch it!" I said, ducking a support beam Brett had swung around.

"Sorry." He said, struggling with it. "Putting up a heavy support beam onto a breaking dam in the middle of a bad storm isn't exactly the easiest thing to accomplish."

We both put the beam in place as the dam continued it's fight against the water pressure. It could break at any second sweeping Brett and I away, but we tried not to think that way.


I walked around the abandoned town for awhile, till I finally cooled off then headed for the hospital.

The storm was almost getting worse as the lightning was getting worse. It danced across the sky in a terrifying ballet of nature. Out of the night, I could hear someone crying. It was coming from one of the buildings on the other side of the street.

I tried to track down the source, but the rain, wind and thunder made it difficult. I finally narrowed it down to one room and I opened the door.

I walked into the room and heard someone pounding on the bathroom door screaming "HELP!" they were obviously starting to panic and obviously very young.

I ran to the door and turned the handle. It was locked.

"HELP!" The kid screamed pounding on the door.

"I'm coming!" I called looking around for something to get the door open.


"We can't hold this for much longer!" I yelled to Marc-Andre. All the noise around us was almost deafening.

"We can't pull out until the captain gives the order!" He yelled back.

"Get on the radio and give him an update." I yelled.

"Sir!" Marc-Andre yelled into the radio. "Situation is degrading rapidly. We estimate..." He said looking at me. I held up five fingers, then ten fingers. He nodded and continued "Five to ten minutes until the dam breaks."

"Understood soldier." Gibson replied. "The evacuees are almost out of the danger zone. Hold out until I give you the word. Keep that dam together by hand if you have too!"

"Yes sir!" Marc-Andre yelled.

"Well?" I asked him.

"We're toast unless the evacuees get out in time." He yelled.



"GET ME OUT OF HERE!" The kid screamed hysterically kicking at the door.

I spun around the room desperately, looking for something to open the door. I noticed something glistening on the table and ran to it.

The keys!

I grabbed them and ran to the door, just as a crash of thunder made the whole room shake.

My hands were shaking so much it took a while to get the first key in the hole but I finally did. I went to turn it..

It was the wrong one!
Chapter 43

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