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She shook her head "That isn't a comfort"

"It isn't?"

"C'mon! Haven't you ever seen Titanic?"

I made a face.

"Not really." I said. "I can't help the way I'll feel Mary-Kate." I shook my head. "Enough negative talk. Let's talk about something positive."

"Like what?" She asked me.

"Like... umm... that dream you were talking about." I said. "Picture it; you and I in a field filled with beautiful flowers, the golden sun shining down warmly on us, we won't have a worry in the world and we can stay there as long as we want."

"Hmmmmm" She sighed happily.

I leaned down and kissed her "It will happen. It's not just a dream"


I woke to pounding on the door.

"What on earth is going on" I grumbled as I made my way to the door. "Captain Gibson?" I peered at him "What are you doing here?"

"I have bad news"

"What is it sir?" I asked him concerned. Ashley walked up beside me.

"Ma'am." Captain Gibson said and tucked his hat. "All this rain we've been getting is causing the river to grow. The dam at the edge of town is almost ready to break. I need you and Brett to go and help keep the dam up as long as possible so we can get people to higher ground."

"You're not going to leave me are you?" Ashley asked me.

"I have no choice" I said giving her a quick hug then following the Captain.

"Be careful!" She called after me.


"Marc-Andre?" I whispered "What are you doing here?"

"The dam's flooding. We need to go help"

"Ok" I said trying to move. I was still sitting in the seat next to the window and Mary-Kate had fallen asleep leaning against me. I carefully picked her up and carried her to her bed "I'll be back soon" I said kissing her forehead.

Marc-Andre and I got to the military base and got suited up. We were dressed in combat uniform and had all of our survival gear except for the weapons and ammo. We got ponchos to protect us from the rain. We sat on a bus with a pack of fresh recruits out of training.

We got to the dam and it wasn't looking good. The walls were cracking under the pressure and water was starting to spill out. A bolt of lightning lit up the sky and showed just how much water was behind it.

"Alright recruits! Let's move!" Captain Gibson called out.

We got out of the bus and started work. There were sandbags to be fulled and put in place. Quite a dangerous job. If you lost your balance on the edge of the river you'd fall in and get washed away.

We worked like this for half an hour. I was filling bags and then handing them to Marc-Andre who put them in place.

"TREE!" Someone suddenly called.

Marc-Andre turned around to see a huge log heading right for the pile of sandbags he was on.

"Jump!" I called just as the log hit the bank and sent him flying into the water.

I called "Give me a rope!" I ran down following the current and someone passed me a long peice of rope. As I ran I gave one end to a soldier. "Hold this!" I quickly said as I took the other end and jumped into the water as I ran.

I had to make this fast before the rope runs out. I saw Marc-Andre struggling to get to shore, but the current kept pulling him away. I swam for him as far as I could and he did the same towards me. I managed to grab his hand just as the rope ran out. I managed to hold on and he grabbed another part of the rope.

"We've got to get to shore!" Marc-Andre yelled over the roar of the river.

I looked at him and joked "I was thinking we could stay here. It's kinda nice."

He just glared at me and we started kicking for sure madly.

"MARC-ANDRE!" we heard Ashley shriek.

"She was supposed to stay at the apartment!" Marc-Andre muttered.

"Complain later, swim now." I said to him.

"CAR!!" We heard a soldier call out.

Marc-Andre and I looked at eachother. "Car?" We said in unison. We looked up river and indeed saw a car flowing down stream towards us. "CAR!" We both yelled. We started kicking wildly to get out of it's way. The car kept approaching and we managed to make it out just in time. We climbed up onto shore and lay on the ground, catching our breaths.

"I owe you." Marc-Andre said to me between breaths.

"It was nothing." I replied.

"Marc-Andre! I was so worried about you!" Ashley said as she hugged him tightly.

"I'm ok too Ash, thanks." I said.

"Good" Ashley said in a distracted tone, still hugging Marc-Andre

"Ashley!" Marc-Andre sputtered "You're choking me!"

"What is she doing here!" Captain gibson yelled.

Marc-Andre and I both saluted the captain. "Sir, she just showed up. I told her to stay at the apartment."

"Miss, do you know you are in a danger zone?" Captain Gibson said. "That dam over there is about to break!"

"Ashley, go join Mary-Kate." I said. "It's not safe here."

"This is no place for a women" The captain agreed.

Ashley's face started to go red "I beg your pardon?" She said walking up to the Captain and glaring at him.

The Captain looked a little shocked. I marveled at how formidable Ashley could make herself look, despite how short she was.

"Now he's done it." I said.

"I have been through hell in the past month..." She yelled.

"He shouldn't have said that..." Marc-Andre continued.

"I have had to live with my friends going off to war, I lost my boyfriend in the fighting, my sister got kidnapped and hurt by some crazy guy and I have kept sane through all of it." Ashley continue to yell.

"Here it comes." I said

"I AM JUST AS TOUGH AS YOU ARE!" She said to his face.

Chapter 42

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