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"AUGH!" I heard Ashley scream in the other room.

I lept out of bed and raced in there "What happened? Are you ok?" I asked.

She was sitting on her bed crying "I had a nightmare. This person killed Matt then went after Mary-Kate" She said shaking.

"Sshh" I said hugging her "It's ok. Mary-Kate's fine"

"Matt isn't" She returned crying even more.

I felt like crying myself...


I woke up at like lunch time the next day. Probably cause I spent half the night crying "Morning" I said rubbing my eyes as I walked into the kitchen.

"That it is" Marc-Andre responded.

I stopped and sniffed the air "What's the smell?" I asked my nose wrinkling.

"That would be breakfast" he pointed to the rubbish bin "It's in there now. This!" he said picking up two plates and carrying them to the table "Is plan B"

"Pizza?" I asked "since when did you know how to make that?"

"I don't! There'sapizzashopdowntheroad" He mumbled squashing a slice into his mouth.

I raised an eyebrow "Charming" I said daintily picking up a piece of Pizza.

"Oh come on" He mumbled around the mouthful "This isn't a restaurant. You can be a slob"

"But, I don't want to be a slob" I said in my most snobby voice.

He threw one of those sugar sachet's they always have tons of at motels, at me. I stared at him in shock, mouth wide open.

"Charming" He said imitating me earlier

My lips played into a smile and I picked up a sachet and threw it at him. Then ducked behind the table. What ensued was a sachet throwing war. We raced all around the room, littering it with paper and sugar. I was winning, then he seemed to disappear "Marc-Andre?" I asked twirling around looking for him.

Suddenly he leapt up, put his arms around me from behind and smeared pizza all over my face "Eat up!" He said.

The door swung open and Brett and Mary-Kate walked in.

"Are we interrupting something?" Brett asked.

I wiped bits of cheese and sauce of my face. Just as well the pizza was kinda cold or it would have burnt me. Marc-Andre removed his arms from around me and calmly walked back to the table where he sat and continued eating "Nope" He said.

Mary-Kate shook her head "We leave you alone for a couple of hours and look what you do!" she shook her head "tsk tsk!"


I hid a smile as I surveyed the motel room. The cleaner was gonna have a bit of fun here. The floor was carpeted with sugar and torn paper! "Had fun?" I asked Marc-Andre?" Raising an eyebrow.

"Whatever do you mean?" He asked taking another bite of pizza and acting as if they room weren't in a total shambles, and we hadn't just cought him pizzaring my sister.

"The playing dumb approach" Brett said highfiving him "Just like I toughtcha!"

"Actually I think I tought you" Marc-Andre argued.

"You're both wrong" I said with a smile "You were born with it" I stuck my tongue out at them and went in search of my sister.


"Was that an insult?" I pondered.

"Judging by the tongue, I guess it was" Marc-Andre said shrugging.

I shrugged too "girls!" He just nodded in agreement.


I was about to walk into the bathroom and suddenly felt dizzy. I leaned against the wall to steady myself. The feeling soon passed and I was back to normal.

"Hey" I said entering the room.

Ashley turned from drying her face with a towel and came and hugged me "I'm so glad you're back" She said.

"Me too" I agreed "the boys are here for a couple more days. So lets enjoy it! No more psychopathic ex boyfriends"



"So what should we do today?" I asked everyone after we finished off the pizza.

"Sleep" Ashley said resting her head on my shoulder.

"Get a massage" Brett said wincing "Those hospital chairs are killer to sleep in!"

"Poor baby" Mary-Kate said walking over to him and gently massaging his shoulders.

"Yeah! My call" I said grinning.

"Uh-oh" Ashley mumbled.

Brett and Mary-Kate were looking worried.

"What?!" I asked looking around the group.

"Last time it was your call we went camping right in a patch of Poison Ivy!" Brett said glaring at me.

"How was I to know what poison ivy looks like!?" I said defending myself "I was 13!"

"How about we just stay home" Ashley suggested "I can sleep and you can guys can talk" She said moving from my shoulder to walk over to the coach and lie on it "Yup, that's a good idea" she said closing her eyes.

"Booooooooring" I said

"You got any better ideas!?" She returned.

"As a matter of fact I do!" I grinned

Chapter 38

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