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A smile came to my face so big that I thought my cheeks would crack. She looked at me and had a small smile on her face, not knowing if I felt the same way or if I was going to laugh.

"Well?" She said in a shaky voice.

I didn't say a word. I only leaned in closer to her and pressed my lips to hers in our first real kiss. I wish that moment could last an eternity. Nothing else in the world mattered except for the two of us.

We kissed for awhile then she pulled back "Was that an 'I like you too'" she asked breathlessly with a happy smile.

I grinned "OH, YEAH!" I said then leaned in to kiss her again.

Little did we know, that we weren't alone on the hill. Someone was watching in on us and didn't like what they saw. When he couldn't stand what he was seeing, he ran off towrds the town.


"Shh" I said for what must have been the one-hundredth time that night "It's ok" I stroked Ashley's hair as she cried into my chest.

"I can't believe he's gone" She cried "How am I supposed to go on?"

"It's alright Ashley. He's in a better place now and he would want you to live happily." I said.

"But how can I do that without him?" She sobbed.

"Only you can figure that out. In time, you will find your answer." I said. "Just remember that you still have Brett, Mary-Kate and I with you, and you are not alone."

"Thank you." I heard her say.

I promised Matt that I would take care of her, and I had no intention of breaking that promise. In all the time I've known Matt, we really weren't that close. It was only when we started basic training that I got to know him. During our time fighting together, he, Brett and I got really close. I can even say we were like brothers. Now, one of those brothers was gone. A tear rolled down my cheeck and fell onto Ashley's face.

She looked up and saw that I was starting to cry too. She held me tighter and we both sat there in tears, remembering our fallen friend who would never be forgotten.

Brett and Mary-Kate walked into the room, hand around each others waists. The both smiled dreamily at each other. That must have been some picnic.

Mary-kate walked over to Ashley and kneeled down.

"How are you doing sis?" She asked Ashley.
"I'm doing better, thanks to Marc-Andre." Ashley smiled up at me. "The question is, how are YOU doing?" She said, pointing to the big smile on Mary-Kate's face.

"Well, do you really want to know?" Mary-Kate said.
"Yes," Ashley replied.

"Are you SURE?" Mary-Kate joked.

"Just tell me!" Ashley yelled jokingly.

"Brett and I are going out!" Mary-Kate said proudly.

Ashley got up and congratulated them both. I hugged Mary-Kate. Brett and I had to do the macho thing of course, so we gave a high-five.


I grinned at Brett. With the way everyone was acting, you'd think we were getting married. Interesting idea though. I smiled to myself.

"Uh-oh! That's a scary look" Brett joked.

"Shut up" I said laughing.

"So what video did you get?" Marc-Andre asked.

"Nothing much" I said. I didn't really think it would be a good movie for Ashley considering Gwyneth Paltrow's characters husband died in the movie. But, then of course, Ben Affleck came in, in the movie. I glanced at Marc-Andre, he did have a high resemblance to Ben Affleck.



I could Mary-Kate looking at me with a weird expression "What?!" I asked nervously.

"Nothing" she said smiling.

"Man! Dating Brett sure makes you weird!" I teased.

"Only, the weird will do for me" Brett said laughing.

Ashley, meanwhile, had found the video and was reading the back. "I wanna watch it!"

She said with the slight shine of tears in her eyes.

"You sure?" I asked.

She nodded.


I glanced over at Ashley as the credits for the movie scrolled up. She was cuddled up next to Marc-Andre with a smile on her face. "I like the ending" She said with a smile.
I breathed a sigh of relief to see that she was ok, and wrapped my arms tighter around Brett's waist and borrowing closer to him.

"Somebody else better rewind the video cause I'm not doing it!" I said lazily.

I looked up at Brett to see if he was going to move.

"No way," He said, "I wouldn't move from here for all the cookies in the world!"

"Not even not even double white and dark chocolate chip with a tall glass of milk on the side?" I teased him, knowing how much he loved those.

"Oh thanks, now I'm hungry." He pouted.

"Don't worry you two." Marc-Andre said. "You can do it my way. Just leave the tape wind itself out and it will rewind itself." We might as well try it. We all watched the tape wind down to the end and it just stopped.

"What now genius?" Brett joked.

He shrugged, "Do it later?"

"Sounds good to me." I said.

"Me too." Ashley said, looking like she was going to fall asleep.

I was a little tired too and I didn't really want to get up. None of us looked like we wanted to get up.

After sitting in Brett's arms for an hour, it was time for he and Marc-Andre to go to their rooms and turn in for the night. I walked Brett to the door and kissed him goodnight.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He said and gave me a last kiss before joining Marc-Andre down the hall.

Today was one of the most messed up days I have ever had, but it was also the happiest.


Life is good! I never felt happier in my life. Marc-Andre and I walked out of the apartment and started going down the street to our rooms. The streets were quiet and the sky was cloudy. We failed to notice a strange figure hiding as we passed, then going into the girls' apartment building.

We got into our rooms and went straight to bed. I stayed awake a while longer thinking about Mary-Kate and how lucky I was to have her. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.


We both got up the next morning and ate breakfast. It was my turn to cook, so burnt toast and eggs were on the menu. It beat the military boxed lunches, so we didn't mind as much. It was an eerie day. It was cloudy day and windy, but was still very warm. I didn't take too much notice and neither did Brett.

"So what are you going to do today?" Brett asked me as we walked.

I shrugged. "See how Ashley is doing, maybe help her if she needs to mourn some more. If she doesn't, then we'll find something to do." I said, "What about you?"

"Well," Brett began and took a breath, "I promised Mary-Kate that yesterday and today I would do anything she wanted to do." he released the breath.

"That explains the movie." I joked.

He nodded with a grin. It was pretty funny after all.

We took the elevator and got off on the floor where the apartment was. We walked down the hall. Everything seemed normal. I knocked the door once and it opened on it's own. We looked at each other a little worried. We opened the door the rest of the way to find the apartment trashed.

Clothes were all over the floor, broken dishes in the kitchen. Cupboards were wide opened and half-empty.

Brett and I looked at eachother and said "The girls!" in unison. We ran through the apartment calling their names. We found Ashley on the ground infront of her bedroom.

"ASHLEY!" I yelled.

Chapter 33

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