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I finally found him skipping stones on the river, something he only did when he was either really mad or needed to think. He was probably doing both right now.

"Hi." I said

He looked at me, then resumed skipping stones.

"I guess you're not talking to me" I said sadly. I sat down on the ground and decided to wait it out...

I was surprised on how long he was not talking to me. This wasn't like him, he just kept skipping stones on the water. Even the round stones skipped.

I sighed. Wish he'd hurry up and talk already but noooooooo. Why do boys have to be so darn stubborn!!!!!!!

Just then, Ryan came running up. "Mary-Kate, I.... oh." He said noticing Brett.

Brett just turned around with a very angered face. "You don't want to be here right now." He said in a low but intense voice to Ryan.

"I just want to talk to Mary-Kate." He said, not too brave at the moment.


Well, Mary-Kate didn't need my help since she's so independant. I felt like I hit rock bottom so I just turned and started walking away.

"I don't want to talk to you" I heard Mary-Kate say.

"Please" Ryan answered.

I guess he must have grabbed her arm again or something cause she soon said "LET GO OFF ME!"

"Come on Mary-Kate. Just hear me out!"


That's when I lost my temper....

I turned back around and walked up to the scene. I had fire in my eyes and someone was about to get burned. I walked up and said in the same tone as before "She said to let her go."

"Stay out of this!" Ryan said, not too confidently. "Mary-Kate, please let me talk to you."

"NO!" She screamed.

I turned Ryan around and hit him in the face so hard I heard his jaw break, he flew back and landed hard on the ground.

I took Mary-Kate's hand. "If I ever see you hurt her again, you'll get a lot more than a swollen lip."

"Is that a threat?" He managed to say despite his jaw's condition.

"It's a promise." I said as I walked off.

I took Mary-Kate to her apartment. I didn't say a word to her the whole way. I may be very mad at her, but that doesn't mean I want to see her get hurt. When I opened the door I saw Marc-Andre at the window and Ashley sulking.

"I don't need this. You're home now. I'm outta here." I said flatly.

"Please Brett" she said quietly "Please listen"

I didn't answer, just stood there.

"I was so stupid before. I was mad at Ryan and I took it out on you"

"Is that an apology?"

She nodded "Yes" she said quietly.

Should I forgive her? Could I forgive her? A loud sob from Ashley interrupted my thoughts.

"Come on" I said to Mary-Kate "Lets talk outside the door"

I led her outside and closed the door.

"Well?" she asked.

Chapter 30

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