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"When do we leave?" I asked Marc-Andre.

"We have one more mission, then we go home." He answered.

"Sounds easy enough." Matt said. "We're as good as home!"

Dear Ashley,

We have GREAT news! Captain Gibson has been nice enough to share his shore leave with us! We're coming home for a full week! We only have one more mission to do and then we'll be on our way to see you.

I'll keep it short so we'll have things to talk about.

Brett says Hi to you and Mary-Kate.

See you in a bit



"MARY-KATE!" I screamed running into our apartment. I had just got back from the post office and was waving a letter around in the air

"WHAT!?!" She asked running over to me.

"They're coming back!" I screamed triumphantly.

Her eyes lit up and we hugged excitedly.

"This is great!" She said. "When?"

"After this one more mission" I said happily.

"That's great!" she said then glanced at her watch "I gotta go! I'm meeting Ryan in town for our date"

My eyes must have clouded cause she asked me what's wrong.

"Well,... what are you gonna tell Brett"

"Nothing special. Why would I? We're just friends" She flicked her hair waved and ran out of the apartment.


We had our orders and were on our way to an outpost that was calling for assistance. They lost contact with the outpost half an hour ago, causing us to move out earlier than planned. We moved quickly through the streets, eliminating any resistance we were getting on our way to the outpost. As we got closer to the outpost, the resistance seemed to be getting lighter. Things were looking up.

We made it into the main gates of the outpost and the whole place was deserted. We looked around and we didn't see an american soul. I looked to Marc-Andre and Matt as they both looked at me.

"AMBUSH!" Matt yelled as enemies darted up and opened fire on us. We ran and found cover in an empty building beside the outpost.

"This is not good!" I yelled.


I'd been curled up on the sofa in our apartment reading, when my mind started wondering to Matt. I was so excited about seeing him soon, I could barely think. But, of course I was still worrying. He mentioned a mission. I hope he's ok...


We were fighting the enemy that kept on coming no matter how much we fought back. They charged, we fired, they fell and more took their place. Half our squad managed to get into the building with us and we were safe... for now. We were giving them all we had but still they charged. An explosion rocked the building and an opening was blown into the back of the shop. An enemy soldier ran through and ran towards Brett.

"NO!" I yelled as I leaped infront of him. I heard two gunshots go off before I hit the floor.


I suddenly got up from the sofa, my book falling of my lap and hitting the ground with a loud bang. I walked over to the window and looked out. It had started to rain...


"MATT!" I yelled and I very quickly turned my attention to the intruder. "YOU SON OF A.." the rest of my sentence cut off by the gunfire I was unleashing upon the enemy soldier. He flew back a few feet before falling to the floor for the last time. A few soldiers took position, covering the hole that was just formed. I turned my attention to Matt who was laying on the floor, wounded.


I shivered and hugged myself for warmth. The rain was depressing. Usually I love it. I turned away from the window and walked over to the television. I turned it on and it went to scenes of LA, the only thing it achieved was further sparking my worry so I turned it off. I sighed, got a blanket and wrapped it around myself. I glanced over at the picture of Matt on the mantlepiece...


I knew I was hit, but I didn't feel the pain. All of a sudden it hit me like a brick wall. I cried out. Marc-Andre came over to me and supported my head.

"How bad is it?" I asked him through gritted teeth.

"Not bad. You're going to be fine." He lied.

"That bad, huh." I said to him. He turned away for a second.

"Hold on Matt. We'll get you to a hospital and you'll be just fine. We're going home remember. Hang on!" He pleaded with tears coming down his cheeks.

I knew I couldn't hold on, no matter how hard I would try. "It's no good, bros." I said to him with a smile. The pain was starting to go away now. "It's been a priveledge to know you and call you my friends."

"Don't talk like that Matt." Brett said kneeling beside Marc-Andre.

I gave him a smile. The pain was almost gone and I started to feel very tired. "Do me a favor?" I asked him, my vision blurring a bit.

"Anything." I heard Marc-Andre say.


"Take care of Ashley for me." He said to me. Matt took one last breath "and tell her I love her."

I could only nod, crying. He looked up at me one last time and smiled before closing his eyes.

"MAAAAAAATT!" I yelled as loud as I could. I hugged his lifeless body. "Damn this war, damn this war, damn this war." Was all I said as I rocked.

Then rage took over Brett and I. I took my gun and Matt's gun, changed the bullet magazines to fresh ones as Brett did the same with his and the one from another fallen soldier, we looked out at the charging enemies and opened fire with both guns as we yelled.

Chapter 25

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