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"What on Earth?" I said to myself as I looked up at the sky.

Brett joined me in my gaze at the jets flying above. We could see little object being dropped from them. it took us a second to realize what they were.

"RUN!" Brett yelled as he grabbed my arm. It was like an echo of what had been happening before. My legs were starting to fail me as my breath ran out. I pulled on Brett's arm so we could stop.

"I can't..." I managed to say between gasps.


I urged her to go on despite her fatigue. I knew we couldn't stop.

My mind raced. We needed to get out of the city. I could hear a whistling sound coming from in the air in front of us. My heart sank as I knew what was coming. I grabbed Mary-Kate and began to run in the other direction. I didn't react fast enough and an explosion sent us flying through the air...

We hit the ground with a loud bang. I had grazes on every bit of bare skin, thankfully I'd worn jeans and a long sleeve shirt that day. But, that wasn't the first thing on my mind.

"Are you ok?" I asked Mary-Kate concernedly.

She wasn't as lucky as me, since she was wearing a T-shirt she had grazes on her arms.

She tried to shrug it off and be brave but I could see tears in her eyes. "I'm fine"

We were distracted from our conversation by another bomb falling near enough to us to make the ground shake.

"We gotta get out of here" I said looking around desperately for any means of escape

I gave Mary-Kate my long sleeve shirt to keep the dust out of her cuts and to protect her incase we fell again. She winced in pain as she slipped her arms into their respective sleeves, but we didn't have time to be gentle. She was one tough girl. Everyone seemed to be running towards the east, so we ran with them.

"Brett! You're back is bleeding." She yelled.

"It's nothing." I said to her. "Keep running."


Marc-Andre and I looked up at the sky again for the first time in a while and saw that new jets were now over the city. The looked like American jets. I felt a new hope wash over me. My fear disappeared a little as I knew that we were at least fighting back, giving us a chance to escape. We ran in a crowd of people. Marc-Andre and I didn't know where we were going, but who were we to argue?


I breathed a sigh of relief when Ashley and I finally got out of Downtown L.A though still hectic things were a lot safer in the suburb we had entered. We were finally able to take a few minutes to just breath. Ashley and I collapsed in the middle of the street and looked back on the devastation we'd just escaped.
Ashley surveyed the view. "Mary-Kate.." She whispered with fear in her eyes.

She had held in her sadness for so long. The chaos, the noise, the fear and the wondering if her sister was alive was all too much. Despite her best efforts, she finally broke down.


Marc-Andre gave me a hug as I cried on his chest. I don't know how she could have survived the devastation.

"Don't give up hope, Ashley" Marc-Andre told me. I looked up at him, wondering how he could possibly still have hope. I felt like telling him that the situation was hopeless, but part of me didn't want to give up either. Marc-Andre looked around for a way to prove that there was still a chance.

"Look over there," he said while pointing to a red cross field base. "We'll check over there to see if they might have shown up."

"What if they aren't there?" I cried. "It's hopeless." I sat up and put my forehead to my knees and cried.


Brett and I ran for what seemed like hours. Eventually we found our way to a red cross field base. I started frantically looking around for Ashley. I didn't think I could live if I didn't find her

Chapter 3

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