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It felt good to get everything out in the open. I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. Although I didn't fully understand why he had to go fight, I saw how much it meant to him and how unselfish his reasons were. After we both shared a good cry, a question came up in my head. "What did you want to do on your last day with me?"


"I don't know" I answered honestly. I really hadn't wanted to think about it, so I hadn't planned anything.

Then I got an idea. I told her that I would meet her in her apartment in half an hour. She looked at me a little puzzled, but complied and left for her apartment. I ran towards the town as fast as my legs could carry me. I collected what I needed and ran back to Mary-Kate's apartment. She opened the door and I showed her a picnic basket.

"Remember when we were kids we used to go on picnics in your backyard and we would imagine being in a far off place?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Well, I thought it was about time we had another."

"How sweet..." She said a little hesistantly.

I smiled at her and opened the basket to reveal some fresh fruits a few vegetables and a couple of sandwiches. "No boxed lunches here!"

She smiled and we walked out of the apartment.

"Do you know where the others are?" She asked glancing around "I haven't seen them all morning."

"Matt and Ashley had a breakfast picnic this morning. And now they and Marc-Andre are spending some time together."

"Must be hard for Marc-Andre. Best friend.. Third wheel"

I nodded in agreement. "We're here!" I said setting the basket down on the ground.

She was about to sit down. I quickly stopped her. She looked at me and said "Wha.. why not?"

I only took of my backpack and put a blanket on the ground. I then took her hand and seated her on the ground. I played the role of the waiter.

"Today we have a nice selection of granny smith and macintosh apples, oranges, pairs, carrots, celery and some peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches for that classic touch." I said proudly as I sat down. We sat on a hill with a great view of the valley on one side, and the village on the other. We were far enough from the village to not hear the noises of the cars.

"This is great" She said smiling at me, she was smiling so much her face lit up.

"I'm glad" I said sitting down next to her and handing her some food.

I don't know what heaven is, but this was the closest I've ever been. It was then that I remembered the camera that I had packed to take a picture to bring with me. I put my arm around her and put the camera in front of us. "Smile!" I said and clicked the button a few seconds later. The polaroid picture came out a few seconds later.

"I wanted to bring a peice of you with me to remind me of you." I said to her


I smiled at him. Though inside I was thinking, a warning would have been nice. My hair must look hideous!

"I want one of you too" I said.

So we posed for another picture. And went back to eating our lunch.

"MARY-KATE! BRETT!" I heard Ashley calling our names as she came sprinting up the hill.

Brett and I got up and asked her what was going on.

She took a few seconds to catch her breath. "I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this..." She said.

"Is anyone hurt? What happened??" I asked frantically. Brett put his hands on my shoulders.

"Let her talk." He said softly. "What's wrong Ashley?"

"Things in Los Angeles aren't good. Our forces are being pushed back and they are calling for all possible reinforcements." She said. "You are shipping out in an hour."

The only thing that could ruin the first happy moment Brett and I shared since the attacks had just happened.

"No" I breathed half sitting half collapsing and willing myself not to cry.

"Do Matt and Marc-Andre know?" Brett asked Ashley.

"Yup, they're just getting together their stuff. Not that there's much to get.."

Brett knelt down beside me and gave me a big hug. "I'm sorry." he whispered in my ear. He then took the picture he took and put it in his right breast pocket. "I'll keep it close to my heart, always." he said.

He looked up at Ashley then back at me. "I had better get going." he said as he ran off to get ready for a fight from which he may never return.

Ashley sat down next to me and put an arm around my shoulder.

It seeme like she was the only person in the world who really knew how I was feeling. And for the first time I actually felt greatful. I didn't have to go through this totally alone. I had my sister.

Chapter 20

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