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We had our objectives given out to us and we made it out to the training grounds. There was a village small structures that had some damage, like they were really in a warzone. there were some ditches and a few obstacles. My team was in charge of resuing hostages, Brett had to find snipers and Matt was to bring up the rear. We moved into position and one of my team members was hit with a rubber bullet before the simulation started.

"Take cover!" Brett yelled as more bullets started to fly. Each team lost it's share of guys, but we had to do it anyways.

I heard Matt's voice over the radio "Brett, get your team and take them on the left, we'll take the right. We'll fight and flank them. Marc-Andre, you get to the hostages."

"10-4" Brett said. I saw him signal his team and they started firing back at the attackers. They started moving up towards the village as Matt's team did the same.

"Let's go!" I ordered to my team as we joined the charge.

"Oh Yum" I said sarcastically look at my plate of 'food' I don't think I'd ever seen something more disgusting.

"I wonder what it is" Ryan said, poking his with a fork

"Please! Don't go there!"

We laughed and walked over to one of the benches provided for lunch.

"Hi Mary-Kate!" Ashley called walking over to us with an adorable little girl "THIS!" She said with a flourish "Is Samara!"

The little girl shyly hid behind Ashley.

"Hello Samara" I said to her "How old are you?"

"Fwee" She answered shyly.

We all laughed and I introduced Ashley to Ryan.


"Hi Ryan, nice to meet you." I said. Where did he come from?

"Nice to meet you too." He smiled.

I heard laughing and I saw that Mary-Kate was now playing with Samara and looked like she forgot about poor Ryan. I poked her and she looked up at me.

"What?" she said. Then it hit her, "Oh."

Ryan only laughed.

"Sorry" she said laughing.

"That's ok" Ryan said graciously.

"Well, I better take Samara back to her mother" I said getting up from the table.

"Come on Samara" I said taking her hand.


Brett's team had taken up position on the right side of the building that we were told the hostages were kept. My team had encountered heavier resistance so we were a little late getting into position. Marc-Andre was going along the side of the building towards the door.

"Something doesn't feel right about this." Brett said over the radio. I agreed with him.

"Be careful Marc-Andre." I said over the radio.

"Roger." He answered.

I could see the building's entrance from my position and I saw him send a man in. We heard a lot of gunshots and the guy didn't come out. Marc-Andre called after him but got no response.

"I'm going to take a new position and take a look inside." I said.

"I'll cover you." Brett said. "Team, hold position here. Taylor," addressing a member of his team, "Notify me if anything changes."

"Sir!" Taylor said.

We ran and dodged rubber bullets until we met up about 30 feet from the entrance to the building. I got my binoculars and looked into the building while Brett looked around for enemies trying to flank us. I heard Brett take two shots. Good thing he was there.

"Ok," I said over the radio to get Marc-Andre's attention. "I see four enemy soldiers and one hostage."

"Great." Marc-Andre said. "Any clear shots?"

Brett took another four shots, hitting two enemies. "I don't care what you guys do as long as you amek it fast. Delta team, status report." he said addressing his team.

"Sir, we lost another member. Down to five people. Things are relatively quiet." A member of his team replied.

"Where's Taylor." Brett said.

"He's the member we lost."

That gave me a weird feeling with the way that conversation took place.

"Double up your alert. When things get quiet, guys get dead." Brett replied.

"Sir!" The recruit said.

My team lost two guys but were holding their ground.

"So what's the plan?" Brett asked me.

Chapter 16

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