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"Nothing." I said, "Just nothing."

"What did I do?" He asked as he walked in.

We walked into the apartment where Ashley walked up to Mary-kate.


"Is everything ok?" I asked my sister in a low tone.

She nodded and told me what happened.

I got a determined look on my face. "Well, we'll just have to make sure you two have some 'uninterrupted' time together!"

"Uh-oh!" she said "NO WAY! You guys would all be listening from the door or something"

I started to deny it then realized it was true.

She sighed in defeat. "It's hopeless." She said.


"1 day down. 3 to go" (?) I said sadly as we all ate our dinner. Us guys looked sick and the girls just looked sad. We were silent for awhile.
"Oh! Mary-Kate. Do you remember Mrs. Thompson?" Ashley suddenly asked
"Mums friend from college? Yeah"

"She's staying next door!"

"You're kidding"

"Nope and she has the most adorable 3 year old!" Ashley said with a smile. She proceeded to describe the little girl.

"She sounds like a younger version of you" I said smiling across the table at her.

"Yeah, she even said we might be able to babysit for her once in a while!" Ashley said excitedly

The twins giggled and cheered. Marc-Andre, Brett and I looked at eachother confused.

"Must be a girl thing." Brett leaned over and said.

"Ah." I replied.

"We heard that!" Mary-Kate and Ashley both said in unison.

"Oops." Was all Brett could say.

The girls mock glared at him.

After dinner Ashley and I went for a walk.

The night air was cold and the moon was only a cresent (sp). I gave Ashley my jacket so she wouldn't get cold.

She was kind of quiet, lost in her thoughts. I decided not to interrupt them and we walked quiet a way in silence.

"We should make some plans or something" she said


"Something to get us through while you're away. Like, plan to do something really special when you get back"

"Like what?"

"Well,.. Mary-Kate and I have always wanted to go to Europe. Maybe when you get back the others and us could go"

"That's a good idea. Something to look forward to" I smiled and put an arm around her shoulder.

"I don't care where we all go, as long as I'm with you." I said. We stopped and kissed each other. "It's times like this that I am going to miss and it's remembering times like this that is going to get me through."

"Me too" She said a trace of sadness in her eyes.


I let my mind wonder about all sorts of thoughts. Most of them were about the war. I didn't know what to expect when I return to LA. My mind kept returning to Mary-Kate as well. We were always very close friends and within an arm's reach of eachother.

Right now she was on the other side of the room washing the dishes with Marc-Andre.

"I'll take over if you like" I said taking the towel from Marc-Andre.

He looked relieved and easily handed it over. Mary-Kate and I continued doing the dishes.

We washed in silence for the first minute or two. I couldn't come up with any conversation subjects and, by the looks of it, neither could she. I was always a person of few words and I normally let others start the conversations. It seemed like this time I would have to take the initiative. But what could we talk about?

I glanced out the window hoping for some inspiration. There was nothing out there but ink blank night. I glanced around the room which was now empty since Marc-Andre had disappeared. Nothing there either.

I started to get paranoid. Was she mad at me? I looked at her face to see her expression. She looked up at me, probably wondering why I was looking at her like that. I quickly returned my gaze to the plate I was drying off.


If you haven't already discovered boys are weird.. WHAT PLANET HAVE YOU BEEN ON? Right now Brett was starting to get me worried. Did I have something in my teeth?

"Excuse me a second" I said hurrying to the bathroom to check.

"Nope, nothing in my teeth." I said to myself as I looked in the mirror. I heard a knock at the door behind me.

"Mary-Kate, everything ok in there?" I heard Brett's muffled voice.

He gave me such a fright I slipped on the linoleum.

"Ow!" I breathed.

"Mary-Kate!" Brett was starting to sound worried.

I looked up into the mirror and saw that I had a small bump on my forearm.

"Come on Mary-Kate, this isn't funny." I heard Brett say from on the other side of the door.

'No Kidding!' I thought touching the bump. I didn't say it out loud though. Don't know why. Maybe I wanted to make him worry. Cruel of me I know. I just wanted to feel cared for. Rather then feel that I was about to be abandoned. Which it was.

"Mary-Kate!.. Mary-Kate!...That's it. I'm coming in.

"That'll be an achievement" I thought sarcastically, "The doors locked."

Brett soon discovered that when he turned the doornob.

"Mary-Kate!" he whined. "Open the door"

I sat down on the edge of the bathtub and waited. This was gonna be interesting.

I heard him back away from the door and then run towards it.

I could see it clearly in my mind. Like, one of those old cartoons... He ran at the door and threw himself at it with all his might. Like a piece of rubber it bounced him back and sent him flying across the floor...

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" he howled.

Suddenly my little tantrum wasn't so fun anymore.

Chapter 14

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