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I'd run outside then remembered it was one of my last times with Brett and shouldn't waste it on a tantrum. I'd been about to go inside when I saw him come outside.

"Hi." I said quietly.

"Hey." He said back. "Look, Mary-Kate, I..." he started, it looked like he was ahving trouble finding the words.

"Yes?" I tried to give him a little push.

"I'm clueless" He finally said "I'm sorry"

"For what?" I asked him.

"For everything. I know I've been acting like a jerk lately and all." He said.

"No you haven't!" I argued "I'm the one who's been the jerk"

"Well,... if you insist" he joked

I slugged him playfully "Don't push it!"

"OUCH!" He said as he held his arm tightly. I had hit his cut by accident. A small tear came to his eye

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" I said feeling awful.

"You could-" he shook his head as if he thought the thought silly.

"Could what?" I asked.

"Could kiss it to make it better?"

"You want me to kiss your cut?" I asked confused.


"I'm confused." I said to him.

"I was... just joking." He said, but somehow I didn't believe him.

Ashley used to always joke I never took enough risks. So...

I leaned down, removed the bandage that I had put and kissed it. "Is that better?" I asked him.


"She actually kissed it..." I thought to myself incredulously

She blushed a little and turned away.

I smiled and reaching my hand out turned her to face me

Her eyes met mine and...

Yet again, we leaned closer and closer...


my nose was gently brushing against hers..

"Mary-Kate?!" Marc-Andre yelled.

She jumped up and away from me. This was getting REALLY annoying. I turned to face my best-friend as he appeared from the apartment building.

"Oh," he said as he looked at us. "Am I interrupting something?" He asked.

"No, Brett and I were just talking." Mary-Kate said, a little nervous.

"Oh" He said "Well, I just came to tell you dinners ready"

"great, thanks' Mary-Kate said getting up and walking inside.

I got up too and glared at Marc-Andre as I walked past.

"What?" he asked.

Chapter 13

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