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Buildings were falling, Everything was on fire, people were screaming, I could hardly breath, so much smoke. I clutched desperately for something anything, tears streaming from my eyes.

"Ashley!" I felt Marc-Andre grab my hand and pull me with him.

I marveled at the fact, that amidst this chaos he knew where he was going. I wondered where Mary-Kate and Brett where, I hoped they were ok. But most of all I wondered...



"WHERE'S ASHLEY!" I cried out to Brett.

I was getting out of breath. All I could see were people running and pieces of buildings falling down to the street. I didn't dare look up out of fear of what I would see.

"Keep running!" I heard Brett's distant voice say from the roar.

I was taken back a little when Brett suddenly stopped. I looked at him. He was staring at something with ear in his eyes. I looked in the same direction and saw a sky scraper falling over towards us. It seemed like slow motion.

I wanted to scream but no sound would come from my lips. I wanted to run but I was frozen in place. My life started to flash before my eyes. Then suddenly two strong arms picked me up off the ground and carried me to safety.


I was so thankful Mary-Kate was light. Running at that speed would usually be impossible, I guess it was soley an adrenalin rush that gave me the strength.

Sharp pieces of glass stung at my back, and a thunderous roar was heard, as the building hit the ground, but I kept running


"What was that loud crash?" I asked myself.

I could see a large cloud of dust and debris speeding towards us. I searched frantically for some shelter. Where could we hide? No where was safe. The noise is so loud, I can't think. Explosions all around me and people screaming. I spotted a car flipped to it's side in the middle of the street.

"Come on!" I yelled to Ashley as we ran to the car. We hid on the opposite side of the car from the dust cloud and I shielded her with my body as best I could. The sky started to go dark as the could overtook us. I could barely hear Ashley screaming even though she was mere inches from me. My mind started to race.

There were loud thuds on the car as bricks and glass fell, I put my arms around Ashley and closed my eyes as tightly as possible, as though it were possible to block everything out.


In an instant, everything went silent. The explosions had stopped and people were now walking around silently, looking at the scene around them. My back was burning and it hurt to move. Everything was under a blanket of white dust. The sky was black with the smoke from the burning buildings. All I could do was stare at what looked like the set of a Hollywood movie.

I turned to Mary-Kate to make sure she was alright. She was shaking, but gave a forced smile to show she was fine. I could tell it was the last thing she wanted to do right now. It was the same for me.


"Brett? Where's Marc-Andre and Ashley?" I asked him.

He looked at me, then looked around again. "I don't know." He said.

"Do you think they're..." I trailed off, not wanting to think about it.

"We can't think like that MK." He said while giving me a hug. "They are alive." He didn't sound too sure.

I hugged him back, willing the tears to stay back. All the will power in the world wouldn't have stopped the waterfall that soon ran down my face. Making smooth, clean streaks in the dust that covered me from head to toe.


It felt like we were under that car for years, It felt like my throat was bleeding from screaming so much. It felt like my whole world was falling down around me. Wait a minute. It was!

I watched as people ran past the car, it was almost quiet now, now more crashing buildings. I couldn't help but wonder if this was the eye of the storm. If the worse was yet to come.

We walked around what was left of downtown Los Angeles. It felt like we were walking around in circles. Marc-Andre and I cried out for Brett and Ashley but got no response. I couldn't stop coughing from the dust in my lungs and my eyes burned.

The cracking of the glass beneath our feet and Marc-Andre's yelling were the only things keeping me in touch with reality. Everything felt so distant.


I can't give up. No matter how hard it will be, no matter how long it takes, we will find Brett and Mary-Kate. I was breathing hard for air, only to get dust.

From the silence, a new sound could be heard. One that I heard before the explosions started. It was getting closer and louder. I looked to Ashley and she just looked back. Our hearts started to race as the sound kept getting louder. From above us, what sounded like a jet screamed by.

In unison we looked up to the sky, What looked like hundred of, dark as night, sinister, jets were flying over us.

"this isn't good" I observed.

"What do we do?" She asked in a shaky and raspy voice. Probably something to do with all that screaming she did.

I looked around desperately for somewhere to go. And then the bombs started falling again...

Chapter 2

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