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It seemed like only yesterday Jonathon's parents announced the last ball. But now they're announcing another. This one to celebrate the engagement of their son to Ashley.

Poor Mary-Kate doesn't have a date this time...

"This bites" Mary-Kate muttered as she threw another stone into the water. It hit the water with a thud and sent up a fountain of water, before sinking to the bottom and getting lost in the mud. Mary-Kate sighed and threw another one, this one with way more force "I hate this!" She said as she threw it.

"Hate what?" A voice asked.

Mary-Kate turned to see Tom standing there "I broke up with Fredrick yesterday" she said. She saw Toms eyes light up so quickly explained "I just needed time to think and decide what I'm going to do" She said.

"Oh" Tom said sitting down next to her "I think that's a good idea"

"Fredrick didn't" Mary-Kate said throwing another rock.

"Are you going to the ball?" Tom asked.

"I don't know" Mary-Kate said looking down at her hands.

"Would you go with me?" Tom asked.

Mary-Kate opened her mouth to say something but he interrupted.

"Not as anything permanent or anything. It's just been a while since we spent time together and.. if you're making such a big decision. Well, maybe you should get to know me again" He explained.

"Ok" Mary-Kate finally agreed. She did want to go to the ball. After all it was in honor of her two best friends. But she hadn't wanted to go on her own and it wasn't as if Fredrick would go with her..


Ashley hummed as she danced around her room. She was interrupted by laughter from the doorway.

She turned to see Jonathon standing there "May I have this dance?" He asked, acting the part of a gentlemen.

"Why yes you may" Ashley said happily. She curtsied then took his hand and the two of them spun around the room.

Jonathon smiled down at Ashley as they danced. He was always happiest when he had Ashley in his arms. And now he'd have her in his arms forever. The thought made him so happy he thought he could explode.

Ashley felt exactly the same way. She rested her head on his shoulder with a contented sigh as the song slowed to an end.
Chapter 8

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