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"Please let me in!" Tom begged the guard. He was standing outside the palace wall trying to get inside. He really needed to talk to Mary-Kate.

"I can't let you in without say so from someone in the family!" The guard insisted.

Just then Tom spotted Ashley and Mary-Kate walking past "Mary-Kate!" He called.

She glanced over in his direction then looked away. Ashley said something to her and she seemed to consider for a moment then finally nodded at the guard to let him in.

He walked over to her and heard Ashley say "I'll talk to you later K?" She then turned to Tom "Hi Tom." She said before walking away.

Tom turned to Mary-Kate feeling extremely nervous. She didn't say anything just gazed up at him waiting for him to start talking.

"Listen Mary-Kate" he said "I am REALLY sorry about what I did. It was wrong and stupid. And I am SO sorry I hurt you. I really didn't want to but I just didn't know what to do" I said

"It's ok" She said "I understand your motive" She glanced at the grand. Running her foot over the grass for a moment. She then glanced up at him again, a serious and sad expression on her face "I have to choose between you and Fredrick, don't I?" She asked.

Tom nodded feeling really bad about the whole thing.

Mary-kate took a big breath "Ok" she said sadly.

"I'll let you have some time alone" He said. He told her where he was staying if she wanted to contact him then left.


Mary-Kate spotted Fredrick standing near the rivers edge. She took a deep breath psyching herself up for what she had to say, then walked across the grass to him.

"Hey" She said quietly when she reached him.

Fredrick glanced over at her, but didn't put an arm around her shoulder or kiss her as he usually would have. "Hey" he said softly.

"Um,... I think..."

"We should break up" he finished sadly.

"I just need time to think and decide what I'm going to do" She explained.

"I can't believe you'd even consider being with that jerk" He said angrily as he turned to face her.

She didn't answer.

"Look at how much he hurt you"

"You've hurt me too" Mary-Kate whispered.

Fredrick opened his mouth to argue then closed it "Fine" he said "We're through, you can go and be with your precious Tom. See if I care!" he stormed off across the grass and Mary-Kate wiped a stray tear from her eye.

Chapter 7

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