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"What am I doing?" Tom asked himself as he walked down the road. "Am I crazy? She thinks I'm dead! She'll totally freak out when she sees me! I can't do this!" He turned around and started walking in the direction he'd just come.

"But if I don't go I'll always wonder.." he turned around and started walking again.

"I'll just do it! What have I got to lose?" He let out a groan "A Lot!"


The ball was truly beautiful and Ashley truly felt like a princess. As she and Jonathon swung around the dance floor she couldn't remember a time she'd been happier. And little did she know there was more to come.

Jonathon decided the time was right and as they dance he slowly lead her out the door and on to the small, ground level, balcony. They danced till the song was over then smiled at each other.

"Come on" Jonathon said taking her hand and leading her out on to the lawn "I need to talk to you about something"

"Sure" Ashley said happily. She was in one great mood.

Jonathon led her down to the little grass bank at the side of the river, and they just stood there for awhile. Jonathon had his arms wrapped around Ashley and his chin resting on her shoulder.

"It's so beautiful" Ashley whispered quietly.

"You're beautiful" Jonathon corrected, slowly turning her to face him.

She just smiled up at him, and Jonathon knew more then ever how true the statement was.

"I have something to ask you" He said looking at her seriously.


"Chill" Mary-Kate told Fredrick as they danced.

"I can't, I might miss a step" Fredrick said nervously.

Mary-Kate laughed "It wouldn't be the end of the world you know. I've done it thousands of times before"

"You have?"

She nodded "uh-huh!"

"Oh" Fredrick said feeling a little better.

"Hey look!" Mary-Kate pointed over to the door Ashley and Jonathon were just exiting through.

Fredrick smiled at her. "This is it" He said.

They couldn't help but feel excited for their friends.


"Sounds like a party" Tom thought to himself as he reached the stone fence outside the palace. Looking around for an area with no guards he quickly climbed over and dropped to the other side. He quickly ran over to one of the windows and glanced inside. He soon spotted Mary-Kate dancing with Fredrick, gazing up into his eyes happily. Tom's heart skipped a beat at the sight of her. She was as beautiful as ever.

Now he was there Tom had no idea what to do next. He decided to find a place to hide till he had a chance to talk to Mary-Kate. As he ran around the side he noticed to figures standing by the River. One was on bended knee.


Ashley's heart rated quickened as Jonathon knelt down in front of her. Was this what she thought it was.

"Ashley. I love you more then anything in this world. I can't imagine living life without you and I don't want to. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

Tears welled up in Ashley's eyes and she put her hand to her mouth in amazement. "Yes!" She eventually managed to choke out "I love you I want to spend my life with you. Yes!" She repeated, throwing her arms around his neck.
Jonathon hugged her back, an immense joy welling up inside him. When they finally parted he slipped a beautiful enagement ring on her finger. And then they shared the most amazing of kisses.

Chapter 4

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