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"Hey Mark" Fredrick waved to the guard at the gate. He was at the palace so much he knew the guards names. And they always let him in without a second thought.

"Fredrick" The guard nodded his head a bit and Fredrick walked inside. 'Now where would she be?' he thought to himself. He decided to try her room and climbed up the stairs.


Mary-Kate heard a tentative knock at the door and wondered who it could be. She got up and walked over to it.

"Who's there?" She asked, her hand on the door handle.

"Fredrick" Came the faint response.

Mary-Kate felt her heart leap a little. Fredrick was here? So he wasn't as mad at her as he had been! She quickly opened the door and saw him standing there looking really nervous. She couldn't explain the feeling she felt then.

"Hey" He said quietly.

"Hey" She responded, a small smile creeping onto her lips.

"Listen, I'm really sorry about the way I reacted" he said stepping into the room and closing the door behind him "I should have heard you out rather then freak out like that"

Mary-Kate nodded not able to think of anything to say. "I'm sorry too" She said. She walked over and hugged him. More happy then she had been in days.

She'd been happy when she had Fredrick. But when she thought she didn't she was really miserable. Even though she had Tom. It looked like she'd made her decision. Now she had to do the very thing she'd been dreading the entire time.


"Tom are you in here?" Mary-Kate knocked on the door noisily. She'd been trying for the last half hour and nothing had happened. She shrugged and opened the door "Tom?" She whispered peaking in. "You here?"

The room was empty. But there was a note on the bed.

She walked over and picked it up. Unconciously knowing what it said before she read it.

My wonderful, sweet, precious Mary-Kate,

I'm doing it again. But this time I won't lie to you. I had to come back to see if there was any chance of us ever being together.

But now I see there isn't. You and Fredrick love each other. And that love is stronger then the love we shared. I guess we weren't meant to be.

It was wonderful while it lasted. I'll never forget that time or you.

All I ask is that you don't forget me.

I love you Mary-Kate.


A tear came to Mary-Kate's eye as she clutched the paper to her. She wouldn't forget Tom. NEVER.


Ashley and Jonathon's wedding was absolutely beautiful. Mary-Kate sat next to Fredrick -they were happily back together this time for good- tears streaming down her face. She was once again truly happy.


Jonathon and Ashley said their vows at the beautiful palace gardens on a beautiful sunny day. They smiled happily at each other. Finally ready to begin their lives together.

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