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The announcement was made and there was a lot of cheering. Mary-Kate couldn't help but smile happily. She was really glad for her friends.

Though hanging in the back of her mind the entire time, was her forthcoming decision.

One guy wasn't even talking to her.

The other she'd just ran away from.

This wasn't going to be easy!


Fredrick stalked through the streets. He kicked a rock angrily as he walked. His entire world was falling down around him, and he didn't know what to do to fix it!

He considered going back to the castle and trying to talk to Mary-Kate. But, after yelling at her, when she broke up with him, he doubted she'd talk to him anymore. He remembered that other time they fought, back before she met Tom. A stupid disagreement over Nat kissing her, It was one of the things he regretted most in the world. If only you could go back in time and take back all your mistakes...


Mary-Kate sat at her window, staring up at the twinkling stars. She sighed. She wished she could go and live in the stars. Go as far as she could from her decision.

How on earth could she choose? How could she bear to hurt the guy she didn't choose?

She shivered at the thought and wrapped a quilt around her shoulders. She had to decide soon, she couldn't keep stringing Tom and Fredrick along.

She squared her shoulders 'I'll decide by this time tomorrow night' she decided.


It was late at night but neither Ashley or Jonathon wanted their perfect night to end. The two were in the now empty ballroom dancing together. The lights were off and the only light was from the full moon shining in the window. Ashley rested her head against Jonathons chest as they danced. Her life seemed so perfect.

"Ashley!" They heard Jonathon's mother call.

"We're in here Mother!" Jonathon answered.

The Queen appeared at the door "A-Ashley!" She said when she spotted Ashley "Y-Your mother is here to see you"

Ashley pulled away from Jonathon to gape at the Queen "What?!"

The Queen nodded "She's in the other room"

Ashley glanced at Jonathon, who loooked just as shocked as she did, then left the room in search of her mother. She couldn't begin to imagine why her mother was here. As far as she'd known her mother wasn't even allowed to leave the castle which was practically her prison.

Chapter 11

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