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Ash's Diary: Ashes and Birthdays

Author: Aycookie

I was sitting on a bench at a park, watching a couple of young girls playing hopscotch. I sighed as I kicked the sand. I felt hot tears in my eyes. Matthew and I just broke up but we settled to remain as friends. It was the saddest day I had ever experienced and at that time I still did not know that the day would worsen.


I flipped my head to see who was screaming my name and to my surprise it was Matthew! I quickly wiped away my tears. I watched as Matthew ran towards me. I kind of hope that he wanted me back.

"Mr. Olsen was looking all over for you," he said in such a rush, "He had a bad news to tell you."

The last sentenced made my mind jumped, "What? What happened?"

"Your house in Michigan caught on fire," he exclaimed, "I don’t have the details but Mr. Olsen wanted you to go home now so you two can go back to Michigan as soon as possible."

I stood there like a statue. Millions abusive thoughts crossed my mind in a split second. The image of Mommy and my sisters, Mary-Kerry and Natasha flashed. I asked, "How was everybody?"

"I don’t know," Matthew replied, "I’ll drive you home now, okay."

I remained quiet on the car. I was bewildered. Matthew didn’t even try to make a conversation with me. I knew he was uncomfortable. I was he; I wouldn’t know what to comment, either. Matthew gave me a hug before he dropped me off.

When, I’d got into my apartment, Daddy who was talking on the phone immediately hung up. He walked slowly to me and gave me a hug. He whispered to me, " Natasha and Mary-Kerry are fine but your mother did not made it."

At the same moment, someone knocked our door. It was my best friend, Paul. He volunteered to drive us to the airport. I wept all the way to the airport. Before I got on the plane, Paul promised that I could count on him on anything. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I was glad I had him as a best friend.


I saw Mary-Kerry and Natasha sitting on the hospital’s sofa. They seemed calm. When they saw Daddy and me, they stood up. Daddy and me just arrived at the hospital. Natasha explained to me what happened, " Mary-Kerry and I were in the kitchen having lunch when I smelt smoke. At first I ignored the smell but I decided to get out of the house when Mary-Kerry had trouble breathing. When we were infront of the house, I could see smokes coming out from upstairs! I was so scared and I went to Mr. Carlson’s house and informed him.(Mr. Carlson was our neighbour). He called the fire station. I’d waited for Mommy to come out of the house and she… never did."

I gave my 12 year old sister a hug. From the corner of my left eye, I could see a policeman walk to us.

"Mr. Olsen? From the evidences, we think Jarnette Olsen committed suicide," He said flatly, "but we are not 100 percent sure yet the cause of the fire."

My youngest sister, Mary-Kerry spoke up, "Mr. Police Officer, it’s true."

"What do you meant, Hon," Daddy spoke softly at Mary-Kerry.

Merry-Kerry put her hands in her pocket and held a piece of paper and gave it to Daddy. She explained, "Mommy gave me before she made the sandwich for lunch. She told me to give it to you."

" Did she said something else?" The policeman questioned Mary-Kerry

" She said she loves me and she is going away," My 6 years old sister added.

"Going away," I echoed. I started to cry all over again. Natasha began to tell the officer that Mommy acted a little bit different for the past days. Natasha also said that Mommy mentioned Nadia and swore a lot of times too.

Nadia was Daddy’s fiancée. She was in Ireland visiting her parents. Mommy never liked Nadia. She would not let Daddy marry Nadia. Daddy and Mommy were separated. I moved out of our house with Daddy to NY while my sisters stayed behind.


I placed a yellow rose on Mommy’s body. She used to love yellow roses very much. Mommy looked very pale and I noticed that she was very beautiful. Tears rolled down my cheek. I kissed Mommy’s forehead and turned away. That was the last time I saw Mommy.

David, I love you very much and please tell Ashley that I love her. She is my lucky star. Send my final regards to Nadia too. I was being impossible before but now, I love to see you marry Nadia. Love, Jarnetter.

I read the letter as I was sitting on the grass looking at the remaining walls and ashes of our house. The summer breeze swept my face. I cherish every moment of my 16 years with Mommy and the house. So many sweet memories and sad memories too. I sighed as I closed my eyes. I broke up with Matthew, my house burnt and Mommy died and it all happened on the same day as my 16th birthday.

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