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The first 2 episodes were originally 'Riley+Larry=?', and 'I don't want to lose you'

Episode 1
To be or not to be Pt 1
Is there hope for Riley and Larry, or were they truly 'not meant to be'?

Episode 2
To be or not to be Pt 2
Riley and Larry's relationship is put on hold when Macy gets in an accident, Riley must face the heartache of maybe losing her mother.

Episode 3
2's company, 3's a crowd
Chloe's the third wheel, and not enjoying it at all. But when her school goes on a class trip to a ski resort, things start to look different.

Episode 4
A thief in our midst
Riley is concerned about her sister, who's been hanging out with Ruth, a girl with a less then good reputation.

Episode 5
Farewell my baby
Riley and Larry's relationship is on the rocks. And Chloe, in need of money for a concert, takes a job baby-sitting.

Episode 6
Kia Ora Carlsons
An exchange student comes to stay with the Carlsons, they're in for one major culture shock!

Episode 7
When I grow up
It's Career day at school. And the twins are faced with one of the biggest questions in life. What do they want to be?

Episode 8
Lake Riverside
Chloe and Riley's school go on a school trip to a lake. They have more of an adventure then they'd anticipated when Riley gets lost in the woods.

Episode 9
Little Things
Financially, things aren't going well for Macy. She has to put the house up for sale, and downsize. Chloe and Riley must face the idea of a whole new life, potentially in a whole new location.