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Scene 1:

"And then.. Riley? Riley?" Larry waved his hands in front of Riley's face "Yoohoo! Anyone home?"

Riley snapped back to attention "Huh?"

"That's the second time you've spaced out tonight. Everything ok?" Larry asked her in a concerned tone. He reached across the table and took her hand.

"Yeah I'm fine" Riley said, she offered a small smile.

"Good" He smiled, then thought of something "I'm not... boring am I?" He looked worried.

Riley laughed "No Larry" She shook her head "You are not boring"

Larry smiled too and went back to the story he'd been telling. Riley leaned her head on her hands as she watched him, he waves his arms around as he told the story, and had this goofy happy expression on his face. She loved him so much, but yet she couldn't help but feel... well, she wasn't sure how she felt.

Scene 2:

'Though you swear that you are true, I'd still pick my friends over you'

The chorus of New Found Glory's hit songs silently played over the radio, somehow managing to attract Chloe's attention and draw her away from her Alegebra homework. She leaned over and switched the volume up, to listen to what was one of her favorite songs. However the song stopped before it had even started and an announcement came on.

"Hey! All of you new found glory fans better head to their new concert!" The corny DJ laughed at his own joke, then proceeded to disclose the information.

Chloe leapt out of her seat and let out a silent scream. She then ran from the room and down to the kitchen.

Manuelo was preparing dinner and Macy was sitting at the table looking over some designs. Chloe walked into the room, stood in the doorway and screamed loudly, causing both Manuelo and Macy to jump.

"Chloe! What's wrong?" Macy asked regaining her composure. She leaned down to pick up the designs she'd knocked off the table when she leapt.

Chloe walked over to help her, figuring she needed to be in her mothers good books, considering what she had to ask.

"Well.." She started "You know how I really really really really really-"

"Chloe" Macy cut her off "I get the point"

Chloe blushed "Sorry. Anyway, you know I really like New Found Glory"

"Is that a book?" Macy asked. She stood up and put the pile of designs on the table then sat down. Chloe slid into place across from her.

"No Mom" Chloe said rolling her eyes "Man, you are like so behind on music these days"

"Oh they're a musical group" Macy said knowingly.

"Yeah Mum" Chloe determined to be patient with her mother. After all, she couldn't help it that she was totally clueless about good music. "Well, they've got a concert here on Sunday, and I relaly wanna go" she sped up a little when her mother started looking suspicious "And anyway I was wondering.. could I have-"

"No Chloe" Macy cut her off before she could even finish. She walked over to the sink to get herself a glass of water.

"But Mom! You don't even know how much it is yet!"

"I don't care! I already gave you money for that new jacket you HAD to have, and then that cd you wanted last week"

"But Mom!" Chloe whined.

Macy turned to Chloe "No, Chloe" She said firmly.

Chloe pouted and tears began to form in her eyes "But I wanna go so much"

"Then get a job!"

"I don't need a job though! All I need is $50 dollars!"

"Then get a part time" Macy said logically. She sat down at the table again. Chloe stood in front of her, her eyes pleading with her mothers. Finally seeing it wasn't going to work she turned around and stomped out of the room.

"This is so unfair!" She yelled over her shoulder.

Scene 3:

"If I spend that $20 Aunt Violet gave me last Christmas I'll..." Chloe added some sums on a piece of paper "Still be $10 short!" She dropped the pad of paper on the floor and lay down on her bed "It's not fair!" She yelled into her pillow, punching at the bed.

"Oh no! She's reverted to her childhood habits" Riley said as she walked into the room "No wait, that wasn't childhood, that was last week" She shrugged and took her jacket off.

Chloe sat up and glared at her sister, but otherwise ignored the remark.

Riley pretended not to notice how upset her sister was, she walked over to her bed and picked up a book from the table next to it, she then started to read. Chloe just kept looking at her. Riley turned a page and willed her eyes to stay on it. A moment later she gave up.

"Ok What?!" She asked throwing the book down on the floor.

"New Found Glory are gonna do a concert here" Chloe said, she flopped back down on the bed.

"Chloe! You love them! That's great" She looked at her sister, who looked less then happy "Isn't it?"

Chloe looked at her sister sadly "Mum won't give me any money, and I don't have enough" She perked up as a thought came to mind "Can I borrow some from you"

Riley put her hands up and shook her head "Nu-uh! First off.. you never pay it back"

Chloe frowned and opened her mouth to argue, then closed it again, unable to come up with an argument.

"Second. I'm broke anyway" Riley finished.

Chloe sighed, "Great" She sulked

"Why don't you just get a job"

"Guess I'll have to" Chloe picked up her pillow and hugged it to her "Great" She said again as she buried her head in the pillow with a little moan.

Scene 4:

"Here's one as a store clerk" Chloe read out. She and Riley were in the kitchen just before school. Chloe was at the table reading the paper, and Riley was getting her lunch ready.

Riley shook her head "No, you don't get to sit down once, and your feet ache" She wrinkled her nose "And really stink by the end of the day"

Chloe made a disgusted face and scribbled over the ad "Um.. how about this one.. Mowing a persons lawns?"

"Way too much work for what you get paid" Riley said shaking her head.

Chloe sighed and slashed that one out too. Just then the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Riley said running over to it. "Hello.. oh hi Larry"

Chloe smiled and went back to reading 'Fast food worker? Too greasy! Stocking shelves at the supermarket? No, murder to my nails" She sighed.

Riley meanwhile was still talking to Larry "Um.. I don't think I can make it tomorrow" She said looking a little uncomfortable "Yeah, the day after might work. Um, Larry. I think Mom wants me. I'll talk to you at school ok? Bye" She hung up the phone.

Chloe glanced over at her curiously. "I don't hear Mom"

Riley gulped as she sat down across from her. "He sounded like he might talk for awhile, and we have to get to school. Anyway, found any good jobs?" Riley asked, changing the subject.

Chloe shook her head "Zilch, zero, nothing" She moaned and banged her head against the table once. "Ow!" She said stopping and rubbing it.

Riley rolled her eyes

Scene 5:

"They broke up?" Riley asked, shocked.

Her friend nodded "Yeah, she said things just weren't right in the relationship"

Riley sighed "I know how that feels" She said.

"What was that?" Her friend asked.

"Um nothing" Riley said quickly. "Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom" she said before running into it.

Scene 6:

Riley talks to the camera in the Girls bathroom.

I don't know what's wrong with me! Why did I say that? Do I really think Larry and our relationship isn't right? oh no! What am I gonna do! Do I tell him? Do we break up? I don't wanna break up with Larry!


Things just aren't the same anymore

Scene 7:

Riley and Chloe noisily opened the front door and walked into the house. Macy who'd been sitting on the couch smiled at them. "How was school?" She asked.

"Long" Riley said

"Boring" Chloe said.

"The Usual" They both said.

Macy laughed. Chloe walked over to sit next to her and Riley slipped from the room and headed to her room.

"So have you thought any more about getting a job?" Macy asked.

"Yeah" Chloe said "I looked, but there's none I want, besides I don't really need one, I just need" she quickly did the math in her head "About $30, provided I don't spend Aunt Violets $20" She sighed.

"Well" Macy put an arm around Chloe "My friend needs a baby-sitter for her daughter tonight" She said with a smile.

"How olds the daughter?" Chloe asked suspiciously.

Macy grimaced "20 months"

Chloe pulled away "Mom! You know babies hate me!"

"They don't hate you honey! You just... scare them"

"Mom!" Chloe whined.

"You just need to be a little friendlier, a little more childish, to entertain them"

Chloe frowned. "How much is she paying?"

"$10 an hour, and she needs you for 3 and a half hours"

Chloe grimaced "Ok, I'll take it"

"Great" Macy said getting up "I'll call her now"

Chloe nodded then buried her head in her hands.

Scene 8:

Chloe was in her room, dreading her baby-sitting job, and ignoring the Biology homework she had sitting on her desk, when the phone rang. It startled her out of her daydream and caused her to leap and almost fall off the bed.

"Hello?" She asked when she'd finally recovered enough to realize it was the phone ringing.

"Chloe?" Larry's familiar voice asked.

"She's downstairs. I'll get her" Chloe automatically answered.

"No! Wait!" Larry said quickly. "I wanted to talk to you"

"You did?" Chloe asked surprised "Oh. Ok... What about?"

"Has Riley seemed a little strange to you lately?" Larry asked, he sounded nervous.

"Well, no.. but I've been kinda wrapped up in my own problems lately, I haven't really noticed anybody else" Chloe truthfully and guiltily answered.

Larry sighed "She just seemed a little strange the other night. I'm a little worried about us"

Chloe's eyes grew wide "No, don't worry, I'm sure everythings fine. Listen I'll talk to her ok?"

"Thanks" Larry sounded relieved, "It's our anniversary tomorrow, I've been trying to think of something for us to do"

"Hmmm, dinner?"

"We did that last night"

"Ask her?"

"Nah, I wanna surprise her"

Scene 9:

"Chloe! I'm going out now and Sarah's here" Macy called up the stairs.

"Coming!" Chloe called from upstairs. A few minutes later she ran into the room and warily eyed the little girl trying to climb onto the couch.

"Chloe, Sarah, Sarah, Chloe" Macy said as she opened the door "Have fun!"

"Wait! But Mo-" Chloe called, but the door closed and she was alone.

She warily glanced at the little girl "Um... I don't think you should climb up there" She said as Sarah started to climb on the coffee table. Sarah of course didn't listen "No!" Chloe said firmly, she walked over and picked up the little girl, holding her away from herself, a hand under each arm. She glanced around the room for somewhere to put her. Then eventually set her down on the sofa, figuring it would take her awhile to get down.

Scene 10:

"For those of you interested in Going to New Found Glory's concert tomorrow night" The DJ started. Larry perked up, tomorrow night? There was a concert tomorrow night. Hey theres an idea. He walked over to the radio and turned up the volume. "All you gotta do is call now. Caller number 10 wins two tickets" The Dj said excitedly.

Larry didn't listen any longer, he turned and ran for the closest phone.

The phone rang and rang then.. "Congratulations! You're caller number 10!"

"YES!" Larry yelled happily.

Scene 11:

"Chloe I'm going out for a walk" Riley said running down the stairs and walking to the door.

"No wait! Help me please!" Chloe asked desperately, for the fifth time she lifted Sarah off the coffee table and desperately looked around for something to do with her.

"Oh, what a gorgous little girl" Riley cooed, she walked over to Chloe and made a face at Sarah. Sarah giggled happily.

Chloe just stared at Riley "How on earth did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Get her to laugh"

"It's called making a face, it's easy" Riley said, she turned and walked over to the door, opened it then paused "Just imagine you were listening to say... Britney Spears" She said knowing Chloe disliked her.

Chloe automatically made a face as Riley left. Sarah looked at her for a second then burst out laughing.

"Wow!" Choe said feeling proud of herself "It really works!"

Scene 12:

Riley wrapped her jacket around herself tighter as she started to walk. It was dusk and there was a slight chill in the air. Chloe glanced up at the sky which was a brilliant orange. She smiled at the beauty of it.

She stopped smiling however, when she realized who's house she was in front of.


She sighed and continued walking, fast.

Scene 13:

Chloe spun herself and Sarah around in circles and Sarah giggled uncontrollably.

"Oh you're such a cutie!" Chloe said making a face at Sarah which only made her laugh more. Just then there was a knock at the door and Chloe went to answer it.

"Hey" It was Sarah's mother "How was she?" She asked as she took Sarah from Chloe.

"She was great" Chloe said almost feeling a little sad to say good-bye.

"Did you have fun?" Sarahs mother asked her. In response Sarah leaned over from her mothers arms to hug Chloe. " I think that's a yes" Sarahs mother said with a laugh.

"I like her too, Hey if you ever need another baby-sitter I would love to do it" Chloe was amazed she'd said that, but she found that she truly meant it.

"Will do" Sarah and her mother left, Sarah waved at Chloe just before the door closed.

Scene 14:

Riley talks to the camera at the lifeguard station

I've thougth about it, long and hard. And I think I know what I need to do. It's gonna hurt but it's the best thing. I'm too young to be in a serious relationship. I just want to spend some time being single. Just discovering who I am, as a person, not part of a couple.

I think Larry and I need to take a break.

There I said it. Now I've got to do it

Scene 15:

Riley paused in front of Larry's house, took a big breath, squared her shoulders and walked to the front door.

"Riley hi!" Larry said happily as he reached out to hug her.

"Hi Larry" Riley said not hugging back.

"What's wrong?" Larry asked looking nervous.

"I.. I need to talk to you" Riley said sadly.

Larry nodded and held the door open for her.

Scene 16:

Chloe is sitting at a desk in her room, counting her money. Hearing Riley enter she turned to her excitedly "Look! I have enough" She said happily "And Sarah was the greatest and I had so much fun" She babbled. She paused and looked at Riley closely. "Riley. What's wrong?"

"Larry and I broke up" Riley said as she started to cry.

"Oh no! Riley" Chloe walked over to her and hugged her "What happened?"

"I.. I just didn't feel happy in a relationship" Riley said "I do think it's the best thing, we're going to still be friends, and maybe some day we can pick up where we left off. But for now this is what I want"

Chloe nodded and hugged her sister some more.

"And there is a bright side" Riley pointed out "I'll have more time to spend with you" She smiled a wobbly smile and pulled the tickets,Larry had given them to her considering he didn't have anyone to go with, from her pocket "Wanna go to a concert with me tomorrow night?"

Chloe looked at the tickets then at Riley, screamed and threw her arms around her "I love you! I love you! I love you!" She screamed. Riley laughed and hugged her back.

The End