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" Your school assignment for tonight is to write a paper on something you think is wrong. But, that is accepted by other people as ok. "

The bell sounded and the kids filed out of the classroom.

" What are you gonna do your paper on? " Riley asked Chloe as they left the classroom and started down the hall.

" I haven't decided yet. You? "

" Me either. "

The two walked to their next classes.


"Chloe can I speak to you?" Chloe's teacher, Ms Tompson, asked after class as Chloe was walking toward the door.

"Um,...Sure" Chloe said walking over to the desk.

Ms. Tompson waited till everyone had left the room before turning to Chloe. "I heard from the Principal that your grades weren't high enough to complete this semester"

Chloe looked worried "That's the first I heard"

"Yes, well, that's why I wanted to talk to you. As you know there's still a month in the term. If you did some extracurricular work you might be able to pull your average up enough to pass"

"What kind of extracurricular work?"

"Well, a sport would be good"

Chloe made a face.

"Yes, that's what I thought. You're a dancer right?"

"Yeah..?" Chloe wondered where this was headed.

"Well, how about cheerleading?"

Chloe looked at her teacher in shock. CHEERLEADING?!?!


Riley heard the front door slam. She ran down the stairs and found her sister sitting on the couch looking very tired.

"Why are you late?" She asked sitting next to her.

"My teacher wanted to see me after class."

"Uh-oh. What about?"

"I'm failing. I have to do some extracurricular work. ugh! I hate that word it's so hard to pronounce?"

"What exactly?" Riley asked ignoring the latter of her sisters statement.

Chloe made a face "Cheerleading!"

Riley looked at her sister in desbelief. She was joking right?... Wasn't she?

"You're kidding right?"

Chloe shook her head sadly and Riley burst out laughing so hard she fell off the sofa.

Chloe sighed, Riley kept laughing. Chloe tapped her foot, Riley kept laughing. Chloe coughed a little, Riley kept laughing.

"Ugh! Riley it's not funny!" She eventually said.

"I'm sorry, it's just.... cheerleading?" It looked like another laughing fit was threatening but she managed to hold it back.

"Well, the first practice is tomorrow afternoon. Can you come with me please? For support"

Riley couldn't think of a bigger waste of an hour then to watch a cheerleading practice, but for her sister... "Well, ok. But just this once"

"Thank-you" Chloe said hugging her, then running upstairs.

Riley laughed a little then heard the doorbell ring. "I'll get it" She shouted and walked over to the door. "Larry!" She said hugging him "What brings you over here?"

"Oh, You know I was just in the neighborhood" Larry joked. "Which brings me to the real reason"

"What's that?"

Larry gave her a 'duh' look "Our anniversary..?"

Rileys hand flew to her mouth "That's this weekend?"

"Yeah. You mean you forgot?"

"Um,...not exactly. I just..."

"Forgot" Larry stated glumly. "Man, this feels weird. Usually the girl remembers."

"It's our one month right?"

"Yup, so what do you want to do?"

Riley didn't even have to think "A movie, and dinner"

Larry smiled "How about the dinner on Saturday night and the movie on Friday?"

"Why not on the same day?"

"Cause Saturday is the only day I could get reservations at Rainbow restaurant" He said naming Riley's favorite restaurant. Her eyes lit up "And Friday is the only day I could get tickets to,...Serindipity!" He said naming a movie Riley had been wanting to see since it was released.

"AUGH! I LOVE YOU!" Riley screamed throwing herself into his arms "Thank-you soooo much!"

Larry laughed.

"Was there an earthquake? Cause I didn't feel anything" Chloe stated from the top of the stairs.

Larry and Riley just laughed.

"No, Chloe. No earthquake" Riley said with a smile "Just the best boyfriend in the world"

Chloe rolled her eyes and smiled.


"Ok. This is the sequence we need to learn" Lara the head cheerleader said and proceeded to do a very complicated cheering sequence.

Chloe gaped at her "You've got to be kidding?"

"No I'm not. It's not as hard as it looks. All it requires is a little effort" The rather snobby girl said then turned to another girl. Chloe maturely stuck her tongue out at her.

"Here. I'll help you" A girl said to Chloe.

"Thanks" Chloe said with a smile "I'm Chloe"

"I'm Ruth"

Ruth proceeded to help Chloe with the different moves. Chloe discovered that Lara had been right. It wasn't that hard. (but almost)

Riley, who was watching from the stands, laughed as her twin lept into the air yelling a corny chair. Oh, if only she had a camera! This could definitely come in handy if she ever needed to blackmail her sister. But, her smile soon faded as Ruth came over to give Chloe a few tips. Chloe may not have known Ruth. But Riley did. Not personally, Just by reputation. One that to say the least wasn't good.


"So, who was that you were hanging out with during practice?" Riley asked casually as she and Chloe walked home.

"Her names Ruth. She's soo nice" Chloe said with a smile.


"She invited me to go to the mall with her on Friday"

Though she didn't let her sister see it, Riley's face fell 'NOT cool, not cool at all' she thought to herself


Riley was just finishing up her homework on Friday night when she heard a knock at the door. With a smile she went to answer it.

"Hey" She said to larry.

"Hey, you ready?"

"Yup," She said grabbing her coat.

They started walking toward the mall - the movie they were seeing was at the mall cinema - "So, where's Chloe? I haven't seen her much lately"

"Probably cause she spends all her time with her new friend" Riley said with a frown.

"Who's that?"


"Ruth Silver?!"

"Yeah, She helped Chloe with one of her cheer routines. And now they're best of friends." RIley said with a sigh.

"Does she know about?..."

"Ruth's stealing?"


"Not that I know of. She will soon though"


Riley and Larry left the movie theatre laughing.

"That was such a great movie!" Riley said.

"Yeah, I guess, for a chick flick"

"Admit it! You were laughing louder then anyone!"

Larry just smiled.

"Hey, there was some ancient gum under my chair and I accidently put my hand in it. I'm just gonna duck into the bathroom for a minute, and wash it off" Riley said with a discusted face.

"K. I'll wait here"

Riley went into the bathroom and Larry lent against the wall outside. He was daydreaming, until he noticed someone familiar in the store across the way.

"Is that?" he asked himself "It is!"

Chloe was in the store with Ruth. And by the look of things the two were having their first argument. Ruth was holding up something and kept pointing to Chloe's pocked. Chloe kept shaking her head firmly and mouthing "No way!" Larry couldn't tell for sure what she was saying since she was quite away.

Just then Riley came out of the bathroom. "Hey, is that Chloe?"

"yeah" Right about then it looked as though Chloe were going to turn and see them. "Quick behind here" Larry said motioning to a COKE machine. The two hid on the opposite side of it. Where Chloe wouldn't be able to see them.

Riley glanced around it's side. "What's going on?" She asked

Eventually Ruth gave up arguing and slipped the item she'd been holding into her pocket.

"I don't believe it!" Riley said shocked.


"Chloe you here?!" Riley asked slamming the front door behind her.

"I'm up here" She heard from upstairs.

Riley ran up the stairs. "So how was your trip to the mall?" She asked casually, as she sat down on her bed.

"Great" Chloe said with a frown.

RIley was going to confront her about what she'd seen, but soon decided against it.

"Cool" She said.

"I'm going to have a shower" Chloe said getting up.

"K. Oh, have you seen my blue sweater?"

"Yeah, I borrowed it last week. It should be in there" Chloe said pointing to a drawer.

"You know, it isn't considered borrowing unless you actually get the persons permission before taking it" Riley said sarcastically.

Chloe just smiled and left the room.

Riley sighed and walked over to the drawer. She pulled it open. There it was, right at the top. She took out the sweater and glanced back at the drawer. Woah!

Inside were two boxes of expensive candies. Three cute bear figurines, just the kind Chloe had been collecting since she was five, and a pretty silver bracelet.

'Where did these come from?' Riley asked no body in particular. She picked up the silver bracelet and looked at it closely. It looked pretty expensive. 'Chloe doesn't have the money for this' Riley said to herself.

"Silly me, I forgot to get a fresh change of clothes" Chloe said from down the hall.

Riley heard her footsteps getting closer. She quickly put the silver bracelet back in the drawer, closed it and went back to her bed. Just in time.


Chloe looked around the accesories shop and nodded her head "Perfect" she said to herself.

She walked over to the counter "Excuse me can I please talk to the manager?"


The manager soon came out.

"Hello, I'm Chloe" Chloe said introducing herself "Here's the thing..."


Riley walked into the accesories store, looking for a purple scrunchy. She had decided on her outfit for her date tomorrow and the scrunchie was all it was missing.

She'd been looking in a line of hair accesories when she saw Chloe talking to the manager.

"Huh?" She thought.

The two shook hands smiling, then Chloe walked over to a display of make-up.

Riley's mind wondered back to the days when she and her twin used to play spy on each other. She decided to do that for old times sake.

She hid behind a display.

Chloe picked up a tube of lipstick, examined it, then looked around the store nervously. She then slipped the lipstick into her pocket and walked out the door.

"What on earth!?!" Riley could not believe what she'd just seen!


"Ok what's up with you?" larry asked Riley. It was their anniversary dinner but RIley had been preoccupied the whole time.

"W-what do you mean?" Riley asked.

Larry gave her a look.

"I'm just worried about Chloe" Riley said then proceeded to expalin.

Larry looked skeptical. "That doesn't sound like Chloe. I think you should talk to her" He said.

"Yeah, I guess I should"


"One last time" Chloe said then proceeded to do her cheer routine. "Yes! I GOT IT!!!" She jumped up and down excitedly.

"Congrats!" Ruth said "you'll be a pro cheerleader before you know it"

Chloe smiled. Strangely she was happy about that! Weird!!!


Chloe walked into her and Riley's room with a grin from ear to ear. It soon disappeared, however when she saw Riley sitting on the floor with the objects that had been hidden spread around her.

Chloe gulped "What's going on?"

Riley looked very serious "You tell me"

"W-where'd you get those?"

"They were hidden in your drawer"

"Why were you poking around in my drawer?"

"To get my sweater back!"

"Oh,... yeah. Well, you know mums rule"

"What? No stealing? Yeah I know it"

Chloe looked shocked "You think I stole those?"

Riley nodded her head.

"NO WAY!!! Brian gave them to me!"


"YES! Mum, has that dumb rule about not accepting gifts from boys. And I didn't wanna say no to Brian cause he was so sweet. So I hid them!"

Rileys mouth formed a big 'O' "Oh, Chloe I'm sorry"

"Man! Have a little faith in me will you!"

"Well, I saw you at that shop. You stole the lipstick!"

"Well, you didn't see the whole thing did you? I paid for the lipstick. It's for a school assignment on stealing. I wanted to see how hard it is. So, I talked to the manager. It helped us both out. He got to see how alert his staff are I got my questions answered!"

"I'm sorry Chloe"

Chloe shrugged. "I guess it kinda looked bad huh?" she thought for a minute "I forgive you, It was an understandable mistake" Chloe smiled and hugged her sister


Chloe quickly scanned her paper "YES! A+" There was also a note from the teacher.

With this great grade and your cheerleading you're passing this semester with flying colors!

Chloe smiled, Everything was perfect!