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It was about 2pm. Thursday afternoon. The entire school in with in the school gym Listening to the Principals announcement about their school trip. Chloe and Riley glanced at each other excitedly as the Principal continued with his announcement.

" ...This years School Trip will be to Mountain View Ski Resort! "

The room errupted with chairs.

Riley glanced around the room smiling. And waved to Larry who was sitting a few rows back. He waved back with a smile. Chloe who was sitting next to Riley couldn't help but noticed. And tho she felt bad about it. She couldn't help but feel a little jealous. There was Riley and Larry totally happy together. And here was she. As single as ever!

"... Permission slips will be handed out in your respective classes. Take those home and get your parents to sign them. Then bring them back tomorrow. That's all "

Everyone filed out of the hall and headed for their different classes.


Tiiiiiiiiick...... tooooooock.....tiiiiiiiiiick........Toooooooock

Every second seemed to drag on as though it were a minute.

Chloe let out a sigh and willed the clock to hurry up and turn over to 3 o'clock. However it was still at quarter to. She surveyed the other students in her science class. By the looks of it she wasn't the only one who wished she were somewhere else.

Tiiiiiiiiick...... tooooooock.....tiiiiiiiiiick........Toooooooock

Trying to keep her mind of the clock Chloe started to think about the coming weekends ski trip. Smiling she imagined the skiing, the snowfights, and the marshmallow roasting by cabin fires.

" Chloe? Chloe Carlson? " Ms. Thompson, Chloe's science teacher, had as if from thin air suddenly materialized at Chloe's side and was looking down at her with a frown on her face. " Clever " She said pointing to Chloe's notepad which was covered with doodles of snowfight and fireplaces, something Chloe hadn't even realized she had been drawing. " But I must stress this is a Sciene class. Not an art class! "

" Yes, Ma'am! Sorry " Chloe said. She turned the pad over to a fresh piece of paper and picked up her pen ready to take notes.

" Good. Now as I asked before. Please answer this question. " She pointed at the board.

How does an amoeba move?

' Amoeba? uh-oh!'


In Riley's Math class she too was having trouble concentrating. Not that, that was anything out of the ordinary. She always had trouble concentrating in math class. Math is just, well, ... Math!

The teacher said something about fraction decimals. Or at least that's what Riley thought she said. Who could tell. It might as well have been in french for all the sense it made.

She glanced back a row and to the side. To where Larry was sitting and smiled. He smiled back then pointed at a wadded up piece of paper. She nodded. He put it down on the floor and with well practiced precision kicked it over to her. She made sure the teacher wasn't looking then reached down, grabbed it and hid it behind her math book. She opened it and....

snatch! Ms. Sara, her Math teacher, had done the exact same thing as Chloes. Materialized out of thin air.
( How do they do that? Must be something they get taught at teachers college! ) and snatched the note from her hands.

" Got something you'd like to share with the class Riley? " Unfolding the letter she began to read " Riley-
"Have I ever told you how totally beautiful you look when you're daydreaming?

Riley blushed as the Ms. Sara finished reading the note.

" Sweet Riley, Larry. But next time.. save it for Dawson's Creek. Riley please solve the problem on the board. "

Riley got up from her seat walked, to the board and looked at the question. 'What on earth?' She thought looking at the decimals and numbers and such that seemed to cover the entire board.


Riley had never been more happy to hear that sound.

Saved by the bell!


" Sorry about that " Larry said apologetically as they left the school.

" That's ok "

" Can I walk you home? "

" Hmmm. You sure? Isn't it a bit out of your way? " Riley teased.

" Total opposite direction but I don't mind! " Larry played along.

" Ok, Great! " Riley smiled and they started the walk.


Chloe walked out the school door. Never more happy to be going home. Spotting Larry and Riley she decided to stay back a little. She didn't want to be the third wheel. Sighing she started walking, A few feet behind them. She didn't notice the Brian watching from his car. Failing to summon up the courage to go talk to her he started his car with a sigh, and drove away.


The school bus left the school with a tired wheeze and puff of smoke. Instead the teens could barely stay on their seats. Maybe an overdose of suger. ( Somebody should put a restriction on the amount of chocolate one person can buy ) Maybe just pure excitement. Either way the teens were hyper.

In an effort to calm them down the teacher suggested a rendition of 99 bottles of beer on the wall. The kids happily started singing.

" I get the feeling this is gonna be a long trip Chloe said to Riley with a sigh. Riley just smiled consolingly and offered her some chocolate. Which Chloe accepted happily.


" Come on Riley lets go " Chloe urgently hurried her sister. They'd arrived at the Resort an hour earlier and Chloe couldn't wait any longer to the slopes.

" I can't find my ear muffs! " Riley shouted back.

Chloe sighed and walked back into the room the two were sharing. " Oh, come on! They're right there! " She said pointing to the dress.

Riley who had been looking under the bed looked up " Oh " she said sheepishly picking them up. " Sorry "

" Lets go " Chloe said running down the steps

" Chloe! Slow down you'll hurt yourself " Riley called.

Chloe looked back at her " No, I - woah! " not looking where she was going she tripped over her own feet and fell down the last 10 or so stairs.

" Chloe! " Riley carefully raced down the stairs " Are you ok? "

" Ow! My Ankle! " Chloe said near tears.

" Come on. I'll help you to the sofa. " Riley said and offered a hand. Chloe took it and tried to get up.

" Ow! I can't! I'm sorry it just hurts so much " She said sobbing.

Just then Brian walked in from outside. " What happened? " he asked seeing Chloe on the floor crying.

" She fell down the stairs " Riley explained " And hurt her ankle "

Brian walked over to Chloe, picked her up and carried her to the sofa. He glanced at her ankle " Looks like a sprain. I sprained my ankle last summer and it looked exactly like that " he explained.

" I'll go find one of the teachers " Riley said leaving the room

" Great! How clever. I sprain my ankle an hour after getting here " Chloe said forlornly. " Now I'll have to sit in here by myself while everyone has fun "

" If it makes you feel any better I'll stay with you "

" Oh, I couldn't ask you to give up your holiday "

" I don't mind " Brian said a little too quickly " I'd love to spend time with you " he said genuinely.

Chloe smiled. " Thanks "


Chloe placed the Monopoly playing piece down on free parking " ha! " She said with a smile, picking up the wad of fake bills.

Brian just groaned. " I let you do that! " he insisted.

" Yeah, In your dreams! " Chloe said with a laugh.

Brian picked up the dice and rolled. Chloe watched with a smile. Even a few hours earlier had someone told her she was going to sprain her ankle, at the beginning of her school trip, she would have thought it her worst nightmare, which in a way it was. But now it was turning into an awesome dream.

She'd known Brian since Pre school. But despite that fact they'd never really gotten to know each other. Chloe was quickly learning he was a great guy. Funny, smart, kind, and cute.

He moved the monopoly piece and... landed on one of her properties. Mayfair to be exact. Chloe grinned. She loved this game!


Riley and Larry walked into the Ski Resort lodge laughing about something that happened earlier. Riley remembering her sister for the first time, suddenly felt guilty. That is until she spotted her sitting on the couch. Her leg propped up on a cushion. Chloe and Brian were arguing, not angrily, in fact they were doing their best not to burst out laughing.

" I let you win " Brian insisted

" You did not " Chloe argued

" Did too "

" In your dreams "

" It's true! "

" Is not! "

" Is too "

" Is not "

" Is too "

" Is too "

" Is no- Hey! "

" Gotcha! "

Riley walked over then " Well, you look like you're having a totally hideous time " She said to Chloe with a smile.

" Yeah, I am " Chloe said with a fake sad face " But you know what would make me feel better? "

" What? "

" A candy bar " She said pointing to the candy outlet by the door.

" In your dreams " Riley laughed.

" Oh, well it was worth a try. "


Chloe took a sip of her hot cocoa and stared into the crackling fire place.

" Watcha thinking? " Brian, who was sitting next to her asked.

" About how totally great this weekends been "

" Yeah, It has been great. Kinda sad to see it end huh? "

" Yeah " she said with a frown.

" It doesn't totally have to end "

" Whaddya mean? "

" Well, we can still get together back home... If you want to that is "

" Brian, Are you asking me out? "

He glanced at her. " Um, Do you want me to? "

" Yes " She said with a smile.

" Ok then I am asking you out "

" Good. And my answers yes "

The two smiled at each other. Then went back to sipping their cocoas and staring into the fire as the flames licked around and devoured wood.


Chloe hobbled out to the front door and started the loooong walk to the school bus.

" Riley could you slow down. Just a little? "

Riley turned around " Oh, sorry " she said " I didn't realize I was walking so fast. She ran back to where Chloe was and started walking with her.

" So what were the slopes like? " Chloe asked.

" Oh, they were ok "

" Come on Riles I can take it "

" They were great " Riley said with a smile.

" How was your time with Brian "

" Great " Chloe said with a dreamy smile.

Riley smiled " Good cause here he comes now. Later sis! " She said and ran over to where Larry was.

Chloe turned to see Brian walking over to her " Hey " she said with a smile " -woah! " She said slipping on some ice.

" Woah careful there " Brian said running over to catch her before she fell.

" Ooops " Chloe said blushing " clumsy me "

" Hey Ash, " Thomas the class clown said walking past " Nice fall? "

She -maturely- stuck her tongue out at him. " Is it a fashion statement or did you just forget to tie up your shoe laces? " She asked sweetly.

He glanced down " they're not "

" Made cha look. "

Thomas stuck his tongue out at her then got on the bus.

Chloe glanced back at the Cabin. " Well, this was one great trip " she said with a smile " despite my ankle "

" yeah," Brian agreed. We should come back her some time "

The two smiled at each other then got on the bus.