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Ring. Ring.

Riley picked up the phone " Hello? " She asked.

" Riley? " a familiar voice asked.

" Yup " She said a grin forming on her face.

" I was wondering. Would you like to go out with me? "

" I guess. Who are you? "

" Come on Riley. I know you know my voice "

She gave in " Yes Larry, I would LOVE to go out with you "

" Great " He said sounding relieved. Riley found that amusing. Like, she'd turn him down!

" So where are we going? " She asked.

" Going? Oh! Yeah. Um, Where would you like to go? "

" Hhmmm. How about something nice and simple. We could Get some McDonalds and go to the beach for a picnic? "

" Sounds great! How about tomorrow after school? "

" Perfect! "

The two talked for a while longer before hanging up.


" So what are you doing this afternoon? " Chloe asked Riley as the two walked home from school.

" Larry and I are going to have a picnic at the beach! "

" Kewl. You and Larrys first date! I never thought I'd see the day! "

" Me either. But I'm so glad it's here " Riley said with a smile.

The two girls arrived at their home. They walked into the kitchen where their mother was sitting at the table reading the paper.

" Hey Mum " They both said to her

" Hey girls. How was school? "

" The Usual " Chloe said crinkling up her nose " And I've got a ton of homework to do. Which I better go start " She went upstairs leaving Macy and Riley to talk.

" So. Riley what's on the agenda for today? "

" Larry and my's first date! " Riley said with a grin.

" Oh... Really? " Macy asked. It was the first she'd heard of any relationship between Larry and Riley other then Friendship. And come to think of it. She wasn't too sure she liked the idea.

" Yeah, We're going to have a picnic at the beach "

" I didn't know you were interested in Larry that way "

" It was kind of sudden. But I REALLY like him. And I feel really good about this relationship "

" Wasn't he going out with that other girl? "

" They broke up. Mum, why are you frowning? "

" I'm not so sure I like the idea of you and Larry dating "

" WHAT! Why not? "

" I don't know. It's just... Larry! You two have been friends forever. Do you really wanna throw away a friendship like that? "

" Just cause we're dating doesn't mean we won't be friends anymore "

" It will when you break up "

" Who says we're gonna break up "

" Riley you're 16! Do you honestly think a relationship at that age will last? "

" Wow... Mum " Riley said calmly tho inside she was boiling with anger " thanks for the faith and support " She ran up to her room and slammed the door


" Riley, What's the matter? " Larry asked Riley later that day. The two were at the beach eating their picnic. Riley had hardly spoken the entire time and Larry was a little more then worried.

" huh? Oh, nothing "

" You sure? "

" I just,... had a fight with mum "

" Oh, I'm sorry what was it about? "

Riley opened her mouth to answer but was interrupted by Chloe shouting her name as she raced along the beach towards them.

" Chloe? What's the matter? " Riley asked when her twin reached them.

" Mums... Been... in... an... accident... " Chloe panted.

Riley started at her sister in astonishment. Her head was spinning. This had to be some kind of joke. She wanted to ask Riley what had happened. If Macy would be alright. But the words wouldn't come out. What was wrong with her? Why was it getting harder and harder to see Chloe? Why was everything going dark? She could hear her sisters voice screaming her name but it sounded a hundred miles away. Nothing seemed real. It wasn't real she decided as she slipped into unconsciousness.


Larry caught Riley as she fainted and gently lowered her to the ground.

" Oh no! Riley wake up! " Chloe said kneeling beside her sister and starting to panic.

" She's ok she just fainted. " Larry said trying to reassure Chloe. She looked at him with tears in her eyes.
" I'm so scared Larry "

" It'll be ok " he said reaching over to give her a hug " Everything will be ok "


Riley slowly opened her eyes to see Larry staring down at her. " Hey " She croaked.

" Hey " He said with a gentle smile " You ok? "

" I guess. Where's Chloe? "

" She went to get the keys for the car " he said. Riley only then realized that she was lying on the couch in her living room.

" What does she need the keys for? "

" To go to the hospital "

Riley was about to say ' Why? I'm fine' then she remembered. Her mother had been in an accident " So it wasn't all a bad dream? " She asked Larry.

He shook his head sadly. " No. Your mother was in a car accident driving to the grocery store. They didn't tell Chloe much on the phone. Just that she's in surgery now. "

Chloe entered the room, the keys jingling in her hand " Is she awake? " She asked.

" Yes I am " Riley said sitting up.

" Do you feel up to the drive? " Chloe asked sitting down next to her.

" Yeah. I wanna know how mum is "


" Macey Carlson " Chloe said to the receptionist when they arrived at the hospital.

" Are you next of kin? "

" I'm her daughter and this is my twin " she said pointing to Riley then to Larry " And her boyfriend "

" Well, we don't have much information on her other then that she's in surgery " She gave them directions to the floor their mother was on and told them the doctor would see them after he was finished with the surgery.


" Dad! " Riley said racing over to him the minute she saw him sitting in the chair in the waiting room. She threw herself into his arms just like she did when she was 5.

" Have they told you anything? " Chloe asked walking over and sitting next to him.

" No, she's still in surgery " Jake answered and Chloe thought she saw tears in his eyes.

Just then the doctor entered the room. All eyes turned to him.

He opened his mouth to speak " I'm sorry but she's in a coma "

Riley felt like the whole world was falling down around and her and judging by the looks on her father and sisters face they felt it too. " Is, Is she going to be ok? " She managed to squeak.

" We don't know. I'm really sorry. We've done all we can. It's up to her now. She has to fight it. "

Riley buried her face in her hands. Larry came over and tried to put an arm around her but she shook it off. " Can we see her? " She asked.

" Yes "


" Mum? " Riley asked moving to the side of the hospital bed and looked down at her mother. The site of all the tubes and machines scared her and she started to cry " Mum, Mum I'm sooo sorry. Please you've got to be ok. I don't want to lose you. " She leaned against the hospital bed and wept.


" Riley? " Larry asked walking over to where she was sitting on the curb outside the hospital. She didn't look up. He sat down next to her. " You ok? "

She glared up at him " My mother is in the hospital because of an accident I caused. Of course I'm not ok! "

" What do you mean an accident you cause? "

" Remember that argument I said I had with mum? "

" Yeah "

" We argued about wether or not you and I should date and I left angry. She was probably upset about that and that's why she crashed. It's all my fault "

" Riley it's not your fault! There's no way it's your fault! "

" Just go away " She said coldly looking away.

Larry got up then gently put a hand on Riley's shoulder " Honestly Riley, it's not your fault. Please don't blame yourself " When she didn't respond he sighed and went back inside.


" Chloe? " Larry walked over to where she was sitting in the waiting room and sat down next to her " I'm kind of worried about Riley. " he proceeded to explain what she'd said earlier that day.

" Woah! " Chloe said when he finished explaining to her " I better go talk to her "


" Riley? Larry told me what you said earlier " Chloe said sitting down next to her " Please don't think that way. It's NOT your fault! "

" It is " Riley insisted in tears " I was totally horrible to her and she was just trying to help "

" Riley. Mum loves you. Ok? We all do. She would NOT blame you for an accident that was in no way your fault. So please don't blame yourself "

Riley got up from where she was sitting " Thanks Chloe. I'm gonna go see mum "


Riley walked into the hospital room to see her father sitting next to the bed holding Macy's hand crying. She was rather surprised. She'd NEVER seen her father cry.

" Dad are you ok? "

He turned to face her " Oh, Honey come here " He held out his arms.

" She's gonna be ok Dad. She has to be " Riley said hugging him.

" I know, Riley. It's just really scary. " He turned to look at Macy " I guess when something like this happens you realize how much you truly love a person " He turned back to Riley and smiled, a sad smile " I'm gonna get a cup of coffee. Would you like something? "

" That's ok. Thanks "

" Ok. " He left the room.

" Mum " Riley sat down in the chair and looked at her mother " Mum, I wish you were awake right now I really need to talk to you. I'm so sorry I argued with you today. I know you were only trying to help. It's just I really like Larry and... well, I just didn't want to listen to your advice. I have now. I'm going to keep dating Larry tho. Because, if I didn't and just kept being his friend. Well, our friendship would die. I like him to much for it to work. And I know he feels the same way. Mum, I hope you understand. And I hope you wake up soon cause I really wanna talk to you "

Feeling the exhaustion of a stressful day she leaned her head against the bed side and sighed. She lept when she felt a hand on her head. Looking up she saw her mother smiling at her.

" I understand Riley. I'm not mad. I love you "

" Oh, Mum " Riley said reaching down to hug her. Careful not to disturb the tubes and stuff. " I love you too "


" So how's your mum feeling? " Larry asked Riley. It was a few weeks later. Macy was home from the hospital and Larry and Riley were repeating their first day. In the hopes of no interruptions this time around.

Riley popped another french fry into her mouth " She's doing great. The doctors said she could start work in about a week. "

" Great! "

Riley looked at him then laughed.

" What? "

" You've um, Got a bit of mayonaisse on your nose " she said with a laugh.

" Oh " he said embarassed and wiped his nose with a napkin. " Is it gone? "

" No " She reached over and wiped it off " Now, it is " she said with a smile.

" Thanks " He whispered then leaned forward and kissed her.

Riley decided she was very happy she hadn't taken her mothers advice. And only hoped that her and Larry's relationship would stay this great. Wether or not it would. Well, only time will tell.