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" Chloe? Chloe you here? " Riley asked running up the stairs and entering the room she shared with her twin sister Chloe. One glance told her, her search wasn't yet over.

" Just Great! Where is she? " She asked sitting down on the bed. Just then she heard the sound of talking coming from the back yard. She ran to the window and looked out. There was Chloe. With... Larry.

" The last person I wanted to see " Riley thought with a groan. Nevertheless she ran down the stairs and outside to where the two were talking.

" Hey Guys. What's up? " She asked the two.

" Hi Riley " Chloe said cheerfully.

Larry just sat there dejectedly. Riley glanced over at him with concern.

" What's the matter? " She asked.

" My Girlfriend broke up with me " He said sadly.

" Oh Larry I'm sorry " Riley said trying to sound convincing. Inside however she was jumping up and down with excitement.


Well, It's a long story.

A year had passed since she told Larry they could never be together. And a lot of things had changed since then. He and his girlfriend had been dating for a year now. And Riley had gone out with many different guys. None of the relationships lasting more then a month. Then one day she discovered the unimaginable had happened. Her feelings towards Larry had changed a lot. And well, ... SHE of all people had a Crush on Larry!

" Yeah " Larry said. " Well I better go home. I have a ton of homework. See ya later " he walked out of the yard.

Chloe looked at Riley " Man, that's really sad. Those two were a great couple "

" Yeah " Riley said quietly. She decided this wasn't the best time to tell her sister about her newly discovered feelings.

" So what's new with you? " Chloe asked.

" Nothing much " Riley said unconvincingly " Well, better go do my homework. Larry was right. There's a lot of it! " She ran back into the house.

" Homework? " Chloe thought, watching her go " Weird! "


The following day at school Riley searched everywhere for Larry and was about to give up when she spotted him sitting at one of the benches reading a book.

" Hey Larry. Watcha Reading? " She asked smiling cheerfully and sitting down next to him.

" A tale of 2 cities " he answered " It's for English "

" Wow! Cool. That's a great book " Riley said. Though she had no recollection of ever reading it.

" Are you ok? " Larry asked.

" I'm Fine! " She answered a little bit too quickly " Why wouldn't I be? "

" I don't know. I just don't remember you ever getting so excited about literature " Larry said with a laugh.

" Oh, you know me. " Riley said with a forced smile " I love my reading " she kicked herself ' Could you sound any dumber? ' she thought angrily.

Larry just looked at her, Puzzled.

The bell sounded.

" Well, gotta get to class " he said standing up.

" Me too " Riley said. " see you later "

" Bye "


" Ok Riley What's the matter? " Chloe asked. She had just entered the classroom and spotted her sister sitting at her desk. Looking like she was about to cry. She put her books down on the desk next to Riley and sat down.

" Nothing " Riley said with a fake smile.

" Yeah Right! You barely said a word at dinner last night. And Larry said you were acting strange earlier today "

" All I did was ask him what book he was reading! "

" Riley, are you gonna tell me what's going on or keep avoiding me? " Chloe asked looking sincerely concerned.

" Yes " Riley said with a sigh " But not here "

" Ok " Chloe said. She turned to face the front of the class where the teacher had begun the lesson.

Riley turned to the front too. And wondered what her sister was gonna think when she told her what was bothering her.


" Chloe? You busy? " Riley asked putting down her homework later that night.

" Nope " Chloe said turning to face her. She was anxious to hear what was bothering her sister. " So what's bothering you? "

" Larry "

" What did he do? "

" Nothing. Well, something. I don't know. I... " She looked at Chloe

" Go on " Chloe said.

" I like him " Riley said just above a whisper.

" What!?! " Chloe asked literally falling off the chair she had been sitting on.

Riley helped her up " I know. I know. What am I going to do? "

" There's only one thing to do..."

Riley hoped against hope it wasn't what she thought it would be.

" Tell him "

She let out a sigh. It was!


Ring. Ring. Ring.

" Come on Larry pick up " Riley said impatiently as she listened to the phone ringing.

Ring. Ring. Click.

Someone picked up the phone.

" Hello? " A very familiar voice answered.

Rileys breath cought in her throat and she was surprised she managed to say anything at all.

" Larry? " She asked...

" One and only " he answered.

" I-It's Riley "

" I know "

DUH! she thought to herself smacking her head. " OUCH! "

" You ok? "

" Fine "

idiot idiot idiot!

" So what were you ringing about? "

Just say it. Just say it.

" Oh.. Um, I was wondering if you'd like to go to the movies tonight. Black Hawk Down is playing. It's supposed to be really good. And Josh Hartnett is sooo cute! "

" Sure I'd love to "

" Great "

They arranged to meet at the theatre and hung up.

Wimp. Riley thought.

" Did you tell him? " Chloe asked suddenly appearing at the door.

" No " Riley said sadly. " But we're going to the movies tonight. I can tell him then "

Chloe gave riley a look as if to say " Sure you will " but kept her mouth shut


" Hey, Larry " Chloe said waving him to him from her back yard.

" Hi Chloe " he said waving back from his.

" So.. " She said putting on a mock serious face " You're going out with my little sister tonight "

" Come on Chloe it's just the movies. It's not like a date "

" Hmmm " Chloe said with a knowing smile.

" Ok Chloe, Spill "

" Can't. Sorry! " She went into the house. Leaving Larry seriously confused.


" Hi Larry " Riley yelled waving. She'd just arrived at the cinema and by the size of the crowd guessed lots of other people had decided to see the same movie.

" Hey " he said moving through the crowd till he got to where she was " Looks pretty busy. Hope we can get tickets "

" Yeah " Riley said staring at him while trying to look like she wasn't.

They somehow managed to get tickets and made their way into the theatre. They sat and watched for a few minutes. Munching on their popcorn happily. Until they both went to get a handful at the same time. There hands brushed against each other. Riley withdrew her hand quickly and silently thanked God the theatre was so dark that Larry didn't see her blushing. Or did he?


Wimp. Wimp. Wimp! Riley said to herself as she climbed the stairs up to her and Chloe's room later that night.

" So Did you tell him? " Chloe asked suddenly appearing at the door and scaring Riley so much she almost fell down the stairs.

" No. I wimped out again. "

" Honestly Riley if you don't tell him I will! " Chloe said and moved towards the phone.

" NO! WAIT! " Riley said taking the phone from her. " I will tell him just not over the phone "

" Why not? It'd probably be easier "

Riley looked from her sisters face to the phone in her hand.

" I... "

" Come on Riley. What's the worse that could happen? "

" He could laugh and think the whole things a joke! "

" Why would he laugh? He's been in love with you for who knows how long! "

" Yeah but that was a year ago. Before I broke his heart remember? There's no way he still feels that way "

" Don't underestimate him Riley. You could be surprised " She said seriously. She put a hand on Riley's shoulder " Call him. Please? You'll feel so much better when you finally get this out in the open "

Riley looked at the phone. She sighed and started dialing the number she knew off by heart.

She let it ring once then hung up

" What is it now? "

" I just. Can't do it! "

The phone rang causing them both to jump

" Hello? " Chloe asked answering it " Oh Hi Larry... Did we just call you? Yeah we did. Well, Riley did. How did you know?... Oh of course! caller id. Stupid me. Do you wanna talk to Riley?... Ok I'll get her. " She looked up to see Riley had disappeared " Oh sorry Larry she must have gone downstairs... What? No she's ok... I'm not telling you everything? Well, to be honest I'm not telling you everything. But only cause I can't. I'm sorry you really have to talk to Riley not me. Ok?... K, bye " she hung up the phone.

" Riley she called from the top of the stairs. Where are you? "

" Here " came the muffled reply from the kitchen. Chloe went down there to find Riley eating out of a tub of ice cream dejectedly.

" Riley " Chloe said gently " he's starting to worry about you "

" What did you tell him? " Riley asked though it was hard to know for sure around the mouthful of Ice Cream.

" Just that I didn't tell him anything- Which! He already suspected and asked me about " she said seeing Riley freak out. " And that he should talk to you "

Riley sighed. And put the Ice Cream back in the fridge " No getting out if it now. I wonder how long I've got "

" It's not some disease Riley " Chloe said with a laugh. Riley just left the kitchen and went back up to their room.

She sat down at her desk and attempted to study tho she couldn't concentrate. Especially with that annoying tapping sound at the window... Tapping sound? She walked over to the window. Opened it and looked out.

" Larry? " She asked looking down at him.

" Your sister won't tell me what's going on and she said to talk to you so... Here I am! " He said spreading his arms out dramatically. Riley smiled.

" I'll be right down " She said closing the window. Well it's now or never She thought to herself.


" So what's up? " Larry asked her when she reached the backyard.

" Promise you won't laugh? "

" Why would I laugh "

She just gave him a serious look.

" No I wouldn't laugh at something that's obviously important to you "

" Good " She looked at the ground.

" So....? "

She mumbled something he couldn't quite decode.

" What? "

" Ilikeyou " She said in one rushed breath.

" WHAT!?! Riley talk Clearly I can't understand a word you're saying! "

She took a deep breath and looked at him. " I like you " she said " Not! Like I like you I like you too. " She said quickly seeing he didn't understand " I have a crush on you " She waited nervously for his response.

Larry took a deep breath " Is that why you were blushing at the movie theatre? And why you were so nervous on the phone? "

Riley went red. He'd noticed?

" Yeah " She mumbled.

He Smiled. " Wow " was all he could say.

Riley looked away 'He thinks it's funny! AUGH! And Chloe said this would be easy! I am so embarrassed!'

" Riley " Larry said quietly. She didn't hear him. " Riiiiiley! " he said again.

She turned to face him. " What? " She asked.

He looked at her. Then slowly leaned in and kissed her.

'Ok.' Riley thought. 'Chloe was right. That wasn't so bad!'