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"Where's William?" Ashley asked Mary-Kate as she walked into the kitchen.

Mary-Kate who was sitting with Lady Kelly at the breakfast table looked up dejectedly "Gone" She said before looking down again.

"What do you mean?" Ashley asked, confused.

"He's run away... with Victoria" Lady Kelly said "I couldn't convince him not to"

"Oh" Ashley whispered as she sat down with them, a look of utter surprise on her face.


"Can we stop soon?" Victoria asked. Her head was resting against Williams back her arms wrapped around his waist the only thing keeping her from falling off. But the more they rode the tireder she got.

William sensed she was tired and stopped the horse. "Woah boy" He whispered as the tired animal finally stopped. He climbed down then helped Victoria down, she was so tired she could barely stand up on her own and leaned on him for support. "Come on" He led her over to a fallen tree where she could sit.

"Can we stop for the night?" She asked.

"Soon" He whispered stroking her hair "There's a cave a mile or so up the road, we can rest there for the night"

Victoria nodded then yawned. "I just wanna sleep" She said resting her head on his shoulder.

William let her sleep for a few minutes, then whispered in her ear till she woke up. He led over to the horse and swung her up, in front of the saddle though. So when he climbed up she could rest against him secure in his arms.


It was near midnight when they finally reached the cave.Victoria was fast asleep by that time, and Will had quite a time getting her off the horse without waking her. But somehow he managed it. He carried her inside the cave and put her down on some rags forming a make shift bed, that various travellers had left in the cave. He put his jacket over her attended to the horse then sat down at the cave entrance to think.

He'd come up with the idea of running away that morning. And obviously he hadn't really thought it through. He was happily surprised Victoria had gone through with it. But now he thought about it, well he was kind of scared.

He smiled to himself and reached for something tied to a string around his neck. On the end rested a small engagement ring. Sure he was scared, Scared but happy. He looked at the ring, then over at where Victoria was sleeping peacefully.

He kissed it then tucked it back under his shirt. He needed to get some sleep. Tomorrow was another day and he had miles to travel.


"So where are we going?" Victoria yelled over the wind as the horse galloped through the forrest.

"About time you enquired!" William said with a laugh. "There's a village about another half days trip up ahead. I thought we could stop up there for awhile, until we decide what we want to do."

"Ok" Victoria said resting his head against her back.

William smiled. Just then they rode into a clearing. Running down the side of the ride was merry little brook. There were some rocks at the brooks edge, aligned perfectly to make seats, and by the pressed down grass it looked as if lots of people stopped there.

It was a beautiful sunny day, the birds were singing in the trees and William couldn't think of a better place to ask Victoria the most important question he'd ever ask.

"Lets stop for awhile"


Victoria smiled as she looked at the ring on her finger. It sparkled in the suns reflection and her smile grew bigger.

She'd been surprised when William asked her, though she had been expecting it, she just hadn't allowed herself to open it.

She'd thrown her arms around him saying 'yes' over and over, before he'd even finished the question.

Her happy memories were cut off when a deafening, blood curdling, shout echoed through the canyon they were riding through.

"Highway robbers!" William shouted and Victoria felt her heart skip a beat in fear.


Chapter 10

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