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William and Victoria talked happily as they walked alongside the stream. It was amazing how well they got on. They didn't even notice the time pass. Soon it was dusk and the shadows were lengethening as the sun set in the sky.

The twins who were still watching them from behind the boulder were working on keep awake.

"Ashley!" Mary-Kate whispered sharply. She poked her sister who's head was resting her shoulder.

"What?" Ashley suddenly woke up and glanced around her, rubbing her eyes.

"You were falling asleep again"

"Oh" Ashley yawned "Sorry"

"Victoria!" A voice called from the field. The twins snapped to attention, watching William and Victoria again.

"Oh!" Victoria said suddenly "That's Elizabeth" She glanced at the sky "Oh no! I was supposed to be home an hour ago!"

"Can I walk you there?"

Victoria shook her head "No, I'll be in trouble if they knew I was with you" She started to run in the direction of the field.

"Wait! Will I see you again?" Will called after her.

"I come here everyday" She said turning to him, she smiled then turned and ran to where her friend was.

William sighed as he watched her go,


"Hurry up!" Mary-Kate called as she and Ashley ran through the trees. They were trying to beat William home, and so he wouldn't see them they had to take the back road.

"I'm trying!" Ashley called. She frustratedly brushed a branch away from her face as she ran.

They eventually reached the town and ran through it till they reached Lady's Kelly's

"Hey Lady Kelly!" They said to her as they rushed inside, just in time as the door opened that second and William stepped in.


"Your mother is practically fuming!" Victoria's friend, Elizabeth said as the two ran back to the house "Count John decided to pay a surprise visit and was disappointed to find you not home"

"Count John came to the manor?" Victoria turned to Elizabeth in shock "Oh no, I'm in so much trouble!" She ran even faster.

Still in trouble for dancing with William the night before, she been banished to her room, not to leave it. She had of course snuck out to go for a walk, having planned on coming home quickly. But time had passed and she hadn't noticed, and now her mother knew she'd snuck out. And worse The Earl had come and she hadn't been there. Her mother would be more upset about that.


William was vague and quiet the rest of that night. He barely spoke more then two words.

"Stupid cupid stop picking on me!" Ashley quietly sung under her breath, she winked at Mary-Kate, the only person who'd heard her. Mary-Kate smiled and nodded.


The next day the twins awoke to find that Will had left early that morning.

"I don't know what's up with that boy" Lady Kelly said to herself shaking her head. "He's been acting strange ever since his Knighting"

Ashley and Mary-Kate glanced at each other, they knew what was going on.


Far away from his mother worried gaze, and Mary-Kate and Ashley's knowing one, William was just taking time to think and work out his feelings.

Considering he'd only known Victoria two days, he was utterly amazed at the feelings he felt for her. He just couldn't get her out of his mind.

He wandered around the busy town streets, just trying to work out what he was going to do. Without realizing it he realized he was walking in the direction of the field.

When he finally reached the outskirts of the field his heart sank to find that the clearing was empty. Victoria was nowhere in site. He waited an hour but she did not appear. Eventually giving up home he turned and went back to the town.


"Hate to break it to you, but your attempt at matchmaking isn't going too well" Ashley said to Mary-Kate as the two listlessly strolled down the town streets.

"I noticed!" Mary-Kate snapped "But what more can we do? She didn't turn up at the field yesterday and she wasn't there today, we have no way to contact her and no way to know what happened"

Ashley nodded in agreement and they continued walking. They'd decided it was time to get out of the house, and away from Williams sadness. They figured they might as well take in the sights. It certainly couldn't hurt with their history assignment.

But instead of taking notes they found themselves constantly mulling over the problem of the two star crossed lovers.

"Ashley! Look!" Mary-Kate said suddenly grabbing Ashleys arm and causing her to jump.

"What?" Ashley said irratably.

Mary-Kate pointed over to a stand where Victoria's friend Elizabeth was talking with another girl. Mary-Kate grinned and started dragging Ashley over there.

"We're going to find out what happened!" Mary-Kate said determinedly.

"No! Mary-Kate! Wait! No!" Ashley tried to stop her but her sister was too stubborn.


Chapter 7

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