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Victoria wandered down the well worn path picking the occasional flower, and just enjoying the solitude of her walk. She soon reached the field and lifting her skirt sllightly started to run.

When she reached the center of it she flopped down into the long grass, picked a piece of grass and chewed on it as she looked up into the blue sky.

She was lost in the peacefullness of the field. The birds chirping in the trees and the grass blowing gently in the breeze. The piecefulness was interrupted however when she heard someone singing, slightly off key.

She rolled over onto her stomach and peered through the long grass, trying to see who the voice belonged to. She smiled happily when she recognized the handsome young Knight from the night before. She was about to call out to him when she remembered the scolding she'd gotten from her mother.

She was engaged. Wether she liked that or not it was the truth. To refuse to marry him would be to deny her place in society. To destroy her life. Love wasn't an option for her, so she might as well just accept her fate, it could definitely be much worse.

She played with a blade of grass as she watched the young man walk over to a tree pick up a book then glance at it. She sighed, he was so handsome.

He glanced around the field, almost as if he sensed her watching. Victoria ducked, unsure if he could see her or not. He glanced around the whole field then smiled to himself. Victoria lifted her head and glanced over at him again. Striding confidently he made his way across the field, a few feet from her. She ducked again, burying her head in the grass. She remained this way, waiting for his footsteps to pass her. She was startled when the sound of someone clearing their throat almost in her ear made her practically leap to her feet. She glanced up to see William looking down at her with a smile.

"Victoria?" He asked.

Victoria sat up and nodded, blushing as she did so. "Hello" She squeaked nervously.


"So anyway, I often come here to just get away from things, and think you know?" Victoria asked.

William nodded. The two of them had been talking for the last half hour or so, and the more they talked the more he liked her.

"Unfortunately I won't be able to come here anymore soon" Victoria said glancing at the ground.

William didn't ask her why not, he knew the answer. The man she was engaged to lived quite a distance from the town, and even if he allowed her to wander off on her own it would be too far for her to travel.

Suddenly shy again, Victoria ran her hand over the grass next to her and the two of them sat in silence for awhile.

"You know" Will finally said "There's a small stream under those trees" He pointed a few feet away "Would you care to go for a walk there with me?"

Victoria nodded and the two of them started in that direction.


"Woa-oh-woah!" Ashley whispered, she lost her balance and fell from the tree.

"Are you ok?!" Mary-Kate asked scrambling down after her.

"I'm fine" Ashley said brushing herself off, she glanced back up into the tree "Please say we don't have to go up there again!"

Mary-Kate shook her head "No they're walking over there. Come on!" She dragged Ashley through the trees that ran along the edge of the field.

The two crouched down behind a large rock and watched as Victoria and William strolled along the edge of the stream.

William hopped across the stream and motioned for Victoria to imitate him. She shook her head.

"I'll fall in!" She insisted.

William looked around and eventually spotted some rocks that could serve as stepping stones. He held Victoria's hand as she carefully made her way across them. She was almost across when her she lost her balance. She let out a small scream and would have landed in the stream had William not caught her.

She smiled shakily up at him as he carried her the rest of the way across and set her safely down on the ground "Thank-you" She whispered.

Mary-Kate nudged Ashley then winked at her. Ashley smiled.


Chapter 6

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