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Ashley climbed into bed, she had been lying on her stomach on the floor, eavesdropping on William and Lady Kelly's conversation.

"The arranged marriage" She whispered as she climbed into the large double bed with Mary-Kate.

"And a love none could deny" Mary-Kate said to herself.

"What did the book say about it?" Ashley asked Mary-Kate.

"I hadn't got that far" Mary-Kate admitted "The book!" She almost shouted sitting up in bed suddenly.

"Sshhh" Ashley hissed "They'll hear you"

"The book! Ashley the book! I left it in the field!"

Ashley sat up too her mouth forming a big 'O' "We'll get it tomorrow" She said quickly "Don't worry"

"Ok" Mary-Kate said lying down again. "You know what we have to do right?" She whispered to Ashley.

"What?" Ashley asked, lying down and closing her eyes.

"Help these star crossed lovers" Mary-Kate said with a smile.

Ashley groaned. Her sister as a matchmaker was a scary thing!


"So do you still think you've gone back in time?" William asked Mary-Kate the next morning as they ate their breakfast.

Mary-Kate looked at her wooden plate and crudely cut home bread "Yeah!" She said firmly.

William sighed "So what are you going to do?"

Mary-Kate shrugged "I don't know yet" She admitted, "I guess just enjoy it while it lasts. This experience is really going to help with my essay"


"An education thing I have to do" Mary-Kate explained.


Just then Ashley bustled into the room "I'm ready to sightsee!" She said happily.

"Sightsee?" William asked feeling like a fool.

"Look around the town?" Ashley said.

"Sure! I guess I could show you around" William said.


"And that's the palace" William said pointing to the building they'd been at the night before "But I suppose you realized that by now"

The girls nodded "Is that where Victoria lives?" Ashley asked.

"What do you know about Victoria?" William asked suspiciously.

"That you danced with her last night and thought she was beautiful" Ashley said.

William sighed "Now she'd live in one of the manors on the outskirts of the town"

"Oh, why don't we go visit her?" Mary-Kate asked.

"No" WIlliam said shortly.

"Why not?" Mary-Kate asked insistently.

"Because she's engaged!" William snapped.

Mary-Kate persisted stubbornly "And the problem is?"

"Mary-Kate" Ashley said putting a hand on her shoulder "leave it alone"


William ran into a friend of his and the twins wandered ahead a bit while waiting for him to catch up.

"Mary-Kate!" Ashley said suddenly putting her hand on Mary-Kate's arm "Look!" She pointed over to a stand where a man was selling jewelry "It's Victoria!"

Mary-kate looked over to where Victoria and one of the girls who had been at the dance with her the night before were standing "Woah!" Mary-Kate said.

The two watched Victoria said she was going for a walk and bid her friend farewell. They watched as she walked out of the town and into the countryside.

"Isn't that in the direction of the field we were in yesterday?" Mary-Kate asked.

Ashley nodded.

"My apologies about that" William said walking over to them "I didn't intend to leave you to fend for yourselves"

"That's ok" Mary-Kate said quickly. Ashley noticed the gleam in her sisters eyes and knew she was up to something. "Though my feet are quite sore from walking" She winced a little, pretending she was in pain.

"I'm sorry" William said sympathetically.

"Well you see the thing is, yesterday when we were in the field and Ashley passed out, well I left a book there that we'd been reading. Do you think you could get it for us?" Mary-Kate asked, she appeared totally innocent as if she weren't up to anything. Ashley knew better however.

"Certainly. Do you think you can find your way home by yourself?"

"Yes" Mary-Kate said smiling. Though she had no intention of going there.

William nodded "I'll return soon" He said before going in the direction Victoria had just taken.

Mary-Kate turned to her sister and high-fiver her. "Come on" She then said taking her hand and following William.

"Wait!" Ashley said "I thought we were going back to Lady Kelly's!"

"Do you think we're going to pass up a chance to see this!" Mary-Kate said as she dragged her sister down the street "No way!"


Chapter 5

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