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William and Victoria were dancing happily, totally enjoying just spending the time together, when a lady wearing a flash dress, with her hair pinned up stylishly, marched over to them.

"Victoria!" She said taking Victoria's arm and pulling her away from William.

Victoria tore her eyes from William and glanced at the woman "Mother!" She said guiltily.

The woman squeezed Victoria's arm tightly "How dare you!" She hissed. She started to pull her from the dance floor.

Victoria glanced back at William "I'm sorry" She whispered before she disappeared into the crowd.

William was left standing there dejectledly, wondering what on earth had just happened.


William walked over to where Mary-Kate and Ashley were sitting. The twins who had seen the whole scene unfold glanced at him with concern.

"Isn't this whole celebration for you?" Ashley asked when he sat down next to them "Shouldn't you be out their partying?"

"Partying?" William asked, sounding unfamiliar with the term.

"Enjoying yourself. Celebrating?" Ashley said.

"Oh... I don't feel like it anymore." William said quietly.

The twins glanced at each other sadly.


"Do you have anywhere to stay?" William asked the twins. It was late and the party was over, the girls had no idea where they were going to go.

They just shook their heads. "Are their any motels around here?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Motels?" William asked looking totally confused "I'm starting to believe you really are from the future... Listen you can stay at my mothers, I'm sure she'd love the company"


"This place is so cute!" The girls squealed as they walked up to the small cottage Williams mother lived at.

"Cute?" WIlliam asked "Never mind. I don't think I want to know"

They walked inside and William introduced the girls to his mother, Lady Kelly, who was a jolly slightly overweight motherly type woman. The girls loved her immediately.

"Take them in by the fire, Will" She said "Those strange clothes, you must be freezing!"

The girls glanced down at their clothes "Well I was a little cold I guess. Er, suppose" Ashley admitted.

Lady Kelly patted her on the head "Such beautiful golden hair" She said with a smile "And such beautiful faces" She said gently pinching Ashley's cheek "The guys must be lining up for days.

"Well, they're always calling" Ashley admitted.

Lady Kelly looked confused.

"Never mind" Ashley said quickly. Wow, 800 talk was almost like another language!


William and Lady Kelly sat at the kitchen table talking later that night. The twins were fast asleep in the room Lady Kelly had given them to sleep in. She'd also told them to stay as long as they liked, as they were no bother at all.

"I don't suppose you know a Lady Victoria?" William asked.

"Victoria" Lady Kelly said thinking "The name is familiar. Why?"

"Well, I danced with her today" William started. His mother smiled knowingly "She was really beautiful and seemed really nice. But then her mother came over and dragged her away. It was unusual"

Lady Kelly thought for a moment "Oh, I remember now. Her Father is Sir. Caden"

"Sir Caden?" William asked. "Isn't he?"

"The Kings cousin" Lady Kelly nodded. "Victoria is of royal blood. She's also engaged" She said gently.

"Engaged?" William whispered.

"Yes, an arranged marriage too. Her fiancee is almost the same age as her Father. The poor child" She got this nostalgic expression on her face, obviously remember her own childhood. Her marriage had been an arranged one too. And not a happy marriage. Williams father died when he was 2 years old so he couldn't really remember him that well.

"Yes" He said to himself quietly.


Chapter 4

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