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Mary-Kate and Ashley ran to keep up with William as he rushed through the town streets. They had a hard time keeping up as they kept getting distracted by their surroundings.

"Get back ere!" A lady wearing a brown dress apron and bonnet called running after a pig. She passed the twins barely even seeing them.

Ashley glanced over her shoulder and watched as the lady disappeared around the corner. She then looked over at Mary-Kate, who's face mirrored hers.. wide shocked eyes, and mouth hanging open.

William finally slowed down as he walked into a large.. castle?!

"You two! Stop" The guard at the entrance said stepping in front of Mary-Kate and Ashley.

William glanced over his shoulder "You're still following me?" He sighed "Don't worry" He said to the guard "They're with me"

Mary-Kate and Ashley glanced at the guard nervously then ran over to William.

"Listen I don't know who you are or.. what's wrong with you. But just.. go sit over there" He said pointing to some empty seats to their left.

The twins nodded and ran over to them, and William walked over to where a guy wearing a crown was standing.

"About time you showed up WIlliam" He said sternly, then broke into a grin.

"I'm sorry-" William started.

"Let me guess, a damsel in distress" The King guessed.

"Well, if you count a girl fainting for no reason, then yes" William said looking a little uncomfortable.

The room burst out with laughter and Mary-Kate and Ashley glanced around questioningly. They watched as William knelt in front of the King and the King placed a sword on his shoulders "I dub thee Knight William" He said. William stood up and turned to face the audience. Everyone cheered, the twins joined in, not knowing what else to do.


"So... we've... gone back in time?" Ashley whispered.

"I think so" Mary-Kate glanced around her "Look at how everyones dressed! And a... knighting?"

Ashley nodded "Mary-Kate? How do we get home?"

Just then William walked back over to them "Everyones going into the banquet room for a celebration feast, would you like to come?"

"Uh, William. We don't belong here" Mary-Kate started.

"I noticed that" William said with a smile

"No... we're.... we were..."

"We were at the library reading a book and then the next thing we knew we were in a field" Ashley said "What year is it?"

"895" William said "Of course"

"Oh boy" Ashley whispered, she sat down quickly

"You're not going to pass out again are you?" William asked.

"William.. we're... we're from... we were living in 2003" Ashley said quietly "We've gone back in time"

"That's impossible!" William said quickly.

"Look at us!" Mary-Kate broke in "Do we look like we belong here?" She gestured to her jeans and T-Shirt and the modern watch on her wrist.

"Well I suppose not. But time travel? You must admit that's a bit rediculous"

"But it happened!"

"William? Are you coming?" A young man of about Williams age asked walking over to them. The room was now empty as it seemed everyone had gone into the banquet hall.

"Yes I'm coming" William said with a nod. He motioned for the girls to follow him.


Feeling a little out of place in their 21st century clothes and a little overwhelmed by their surroundings, the twins decided to find a quiet seat, somewhere they could think and just observe their surroundings.

The meal was delicious and afterwards people sat around and just talked, until a band started playing. Then people got up and started dancing.


Wiliam had been dancing with an old lady when he heard quiet laughter behind him. He turned around and saw a group of girls sitting just to the left of the dance floor. They were pointing to his dance parter and giggling a little. He smiled to himself as the song finished and the old lady walked away.

"Ladies" He said bowing slightly as he walked over to where they were sitting.

The girls giggled again and it was then William noticed... her. She was smiling at him shyly. And William thought she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.

"Would you care to dance?" He asked her.

She glanced at him nervously then at her friends, a little unsure.

"Go on!" The girl next to her whispered "It's just a dance" She whispered the last bit, but not quietly enough as William heard her clearly. He didn't stop to think about what her statement meant however.

She smiled shyly "I'd love to" She said taking the hand he offered and walking with him onto the dance floor.

"I'm William" He said as they started to dance.

"I'm Victoria" She said glancing at the ground shyly.

William just smiled as they danced around the large dance floor.


"Hey Mary-Kate" Ashley asked "What did Mr. Rogers say about a love no one could deny or something like that"

Mary-Kate who'd almost fallen asleep from boredom sat up straight "Just that" She said "Oh and an arranged marriage. Why?"

Ashley pointed to William and Victoria "Aren't they cute?"

Mary-Kate watched as the shy couple danced "Yes they are. You don't think?"

Ashley nodded "Yeah I do" she said with a smile.


Chapter 3

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