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Victoria shook her head, trying to shake of the dizziness that was taking over her. She glanced around trying to work out where she was and what had happened.

In a second it had all come back to her. She was on the ground, a few feet from the horse. William was over sword fighting with a guy a few feet from her.

She'd been fallen off the horse when a person came flying at them from his left, he'd pushed William off and knocked her off in the process. She must have been temporarily knocked out. But she wasn't unconcious anymore.

She staggered to her feet and as she did so saw another person run over to where William and the robber were fighting. Two against one was an impossible fight as the two men were quite a bit bigger then William.

"Well look at the pretty ring" A voice said close to Victoria's ear. She lept at the sound of it and turned to see a formidable figure, much in need of a shave, and missing many teeth, moving towards her. Reaching for her hand. The hand that held her engagement ring.

"No!" She said backing up.

Hearing her cry William looked up at her "Victoria!" He called. He tried to come to help her but the two men wouldn't let him.

Victoria continued backing away from the toothless man walking towards her. She glanced around for some way to protect herself. There was a stick a few feet away but before she could grab it the man had grabbed her hand and started to try to pry the ring from her finger.

"No!" She said again, this time anger sounding in her voice. She firmly kicked him in the knee then when he leaned over in pain she brought her knee up and hit him in the stomach. The man went down on one knee and she kicked him again. Then raced over to the stick. She picked it up, holding it like a baseball bat, which of course she'd never encountered. She firmly hit him on the back of the head, knocking him unconcious immediately.

She looked down at him astonished at what she'd achieved, then she smiled feeling extremel proud of herself "Serves you right!" She said emphatically. She re-righted the ring on her finger then glanced around in search of William.

He was up against the canyon wall, still fighting bravely, but obviously losing strength. She got a determined look on her face and gribbed the stick tighter, then started advancing, quitely.

When she was close enough, and the guys still hadn't hurt her she hit one of them in the back of the head, just as she had the other guy. He dropped to the ground, equelly unconcious.

"Well, I have a talent!" Victoria said happily.

"Well done sweetie" William said. Now with only one apponent he was quickly gaining on the remaining guy, who seeing he was losing turned and ran.

"Are you ok?" William asked walking over to William.

"I'm fine" She said offering a shaking smile. Now it was all over and she realized just what she'd done she felt a little scared.

"You saved my life" Will said wrapping her up in his arms "Thank-you" He whispered into her hair.

"Anytime" Victoria said hugging him back "Anytime" She whispered squeezing her eyes shut as a stray tear escaped.


Ashley and Mary-Kate were listlessly strolling down the town streets, now that William was gone and they had no romance to follow they were finding their medievil trip pretty boring.

"I am a Count and I will not be mistaken for a fool!" They heard an angry voice roar.

They glanced around trying to work out who had said it, then following the voice, peered around a corner. Two upperclass people, a lady and a man. Where standing in an allyway type street, both looking rather upset.

"Neither will I!" The woman retorted "I do not know where she is, but when I do she will most certainly pay for running away."

As the two argued a girl, the same one who had called for Victoria in the field, started down the street. Spotting the two she quickly turned and started to walk away. But not before they spotted her.

"Stop!" The man called to her, and she did so, her shoulders slumping.

"Elizabeth" The lady tried to make her voice sound friendly and coaxing "I don't suppose you know where Victoria is?"

The twins looked at each other. The lady must be Victoria's mother, and they guessed the man to be the Count Victoria was engaged too.

Elizabeth looked a little pale "Me? Why, no Ma'am" She said looking at her feet.

The man and lady looked at each other obviously not believing her.

"Oh, but I know you do. As much as I know about you and Prince Mark" The lady said in an icy tone.

Elizabeths head shot up and her eyes grew wide "W-What?"

The Lady nodded "Tell me where my daughter is and no one will hear of it"

Elizabeth sighed, "I'll tell you what I know, but it isn't much"


"That Knight she was dancing with at the ball?" Victoria's mother asked quickly, interrupting Elizabeths stammering explanation that Victoria must have ran away with William.

The Count didn't say anything but his face was red with anger.

Elizabeth nodded.

Victoria's mother turned to the Count. "He'll likely have gone to Penridge" She said quitely "It's the nearest town and a good hiding place"

The Count nodded and the two turned and left the alley. Thankfully they didn't notice the twins who were pressed up against the wall, having heard the whole conversation.

"We have to warn William!" Mary-Kate said quickly.

Ashley nodded and the two started down the street, in the opposite direction the Count and Victoria's mother had taken.


Chapter 11

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