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"For this terms Medievil assignment, we'll be learning about a Knight named William. Now you girls should like this story" The teacher started "It's a story that involves a beautiful maiden, a charming, chivalrous knight, an arranged marriage, and a love none could deny"

Ashley glanced up from the notebook she'd been doodling, she glanced a few desks across to where her twin sister was sitting. Five minutes ago she'd been looking hideously bored, now she was listening closely. So they were typical girls, never able to pass up a nice romantic story.

"You will be required to write an essay on their story, from what I will teach you over the next couple of days, and from what you learn from your own research" The teacher continued. Just then the bell rang interrupting him. "Start your research tonight" He said over the noise of the kids leaving "It can't hurt, I'm expecting GOOD essays!"


"Lets stop by the library on the way home" Mary-Kate suggested as they climbed into her car, "I want to hear about this Knight as soon as possible"

"Sure" Ashley agreed with a smile.

At the library they were searching for hours until they found the information they needed. Mary-Kate smiled and walked over to the sofa. Ashley followed and the two settled down on the sofa till they were comfortable.

Mary-Kate opened the book and began to read "Once upon a time, in a land faraway..."


Sometime while Mary-Kate was reading, the library had faded away, and been replaced with new surroundings.. Though both girls were so absorbed in the story they didn't notice. They were now seated under a tree in a large field.

"Many years as a squire, and many years of training had finally payed off for William, they day had come for him to be knighted" Mary-Kate read.

She opened her mouth to continue with the next paragraph but heard an unfamiliar sound. "What's that?" She asked looking up "Oh... woah" She said surveying the field around her.

Ashley who'd been looking over Mary-Kate's shoulder glanced around too "Where are we?" She asked, panicking slightly she leapt to her feet.

Mary-Kate was busy trying to find the source of the sound "I know that sound" She said quietly "It's a horse!" She said loudly just as a horse and rider appeared at the other side of the field, riding in their direction. "Hey you!" She shouted waving her arms to get his attention. It took awhile but he finally noticed her and headed towards them.

"Oh my" Ashley looked as if she would faint.

"I don't suppose you could tell us where we are?" Mary-Kate asked the rider when he was close enough to hear her "And why on earth you're wearing that weird... armor?" Mary-Kate said eyeing his strange attire closely. He looked about 17.

"I'll have you know this is the most modern and fashionable armor available" The man said.

"Uh-huh" Mary-Kate said to herself . She turned to Ashley and twirled a finger by heard head 'Looney!' she mouthed.

Ashley just nodded faintly.

"You're on the outskirts of Jubeel" The Knight-wannabe said "And if you'll excuse me I'm late for my knighting" He lifted the reins and was about to start moving.

"A knighting?" Ashley whispered to herself, her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell to the ground.

"Ashley!" Mary-Kate screamed kneeling next to her.

The Knight lept from his horse and crouched next to her "We must take her to the doctor" He handed his horses reins to Mary-Kate, picked up Ashley and started walking.

"Wait! Where are you going with my sister?!" Mary-Kate called running after him.

"Jubeel" The Knight said impatiently, he continued walking and Mary-Kate had no choice but to follow.


"She's fine" The Doctor pronounced "She just passed out from shock"

The Knight nodded "What do I owe you?" He asked

The Doctor shook his head "Don't worry about it William. Correct me if I'm mistaken but isn't your knighting today?"

William, as his name turned out to be, nodded "Yes, I'm late. But I ran into these Strange girls back in the field, and then she passed out" He said pointing at Ashley.

The Old doctor nodded and smiled "Always the chivalrous gentlmen. You'll make a good knight William!"

"Where am I?" Ashley asked finally waking up.

Mary-Kate who'd been standing in the corner, watching the goings on like a scared rabbit, rushed over to her "That's what I'd like to know" She said glancing around her for like the fiftieth time.

Ashley sat up "Did we leave the library?"

Mary-Kate shook her head.

"Oh good she's awake" William said, ignoring their conversation "Now I must get to that ceremony" He started for the door.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Mary-Kate asked running after him. Ashley shook her head then followed her sister.

The Old Doctor laughed to himself "Must be Visiting from another country" He said to himself "I've never heard accents like theirs, and the way they talk!" He shook his head and went back to his work.


Chapter 2

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