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(by Kat)

Will and I continued like that for the next half hour or so, by then it was getting into late afternoon and we eventually had to part since we were getting cold.

"Good-night" I said smiling up at him.

He still had his arms wrapped around me but reluctantly let go "Good-night" he echoed quickly kissing me one last time then disappearing down the street with a little wave.

I waved back then walked inside. I leaned against the door with a sigh.

Well, that was... pretty great!

The understatement of the year!


I had been lost in the world of calculus when I heard a knock on the door downstairs. Mary-Kate must have answered it cause she soon called up the stairs "Ashley it's your boyfriend"

My heart lept then I realized she didn't know about Will and I. Which meant... Brody.

I walked down the stairs reluctantly. "Hey Brody" I said. He was standing in the foyer, hands in his pockets and an angry look on his face.

"What do you mean it's over?" He asked skipping the greeting.

"You tell me?" I retaliated. After all, I had the advantage since he didn't know about Will and I, and as far as I was concerned he didn't need to know.

"You are not breaking up with me!" He said angrily through gritted teeth.

"I already did!" I pointed out.

"Then take it back" He said moving towards me angrily. I backed up a little then moved over to the door.

"I meant it. I am not taking it back now please leave!"

"It's another guy isn't it?" He asked angrily, ignoring my request.

I just glared at him.

"It's that Will guy!" he shouted

"LEAVE!" I shouted at him.

"You'll regret this Ashley!" He said. with one last glare he walked out the door.


As I walked up the stairs I found myself starting to get angry. How dare he threaten me when he'd cheated on me? That was so pathetic! I know I'd done the same to him, but I had gone to break up with him like 5 minutes later!

I wonder who she was.. I hadn't got close enough to see who she was, all I knew is that she had red hair, very similar to Scarletts.

*Sigh* A lot of people at our school have red hair!

I am not giving up however! I will find out who the person is!

Chapter 10

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