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(By Amy)

Will pulled back definitely still in the moment. I don’t know where I was. I felt so miserable and so great at the same time AGAIN! That feeling was getting popular with my emotions. It was an awkward moment I must admit.

He knew about Brody of course and this just shows I am a girl who is willing to cheat. This makes me look awful! I had to do something fast!

“Will...that was so wrong of me” I said in a shaky voice about to burst into tears. I almost ran away but Will pulled me into his arms and looked right into my eyes

“It’s okay Ashley, this is nothing new. We have liked eachother for years. It’s about time we admit it”.

“But Will I have a boyfriend, I feel awful. I do like you...I like you a lot! but I really should not have done that” I knew I was probably going to say something wrong eventually, something that would hurt him. I had to make sure that didn’t happen.

“Well I really do have to get to my homework now”.

“Ashley, are you really going to just go inside that house and pretend everythings okay, it happened! we kissed! we loved it! Pretending it didn’t happen won’t make him feel any better” He looked at the ground and kicked a rock “I don’t think he’s right for you”.

”No?” I said coming closer again.

“No” he said shyly.

“Okay smart guy! Then who do you think is?”

I was asking for it of course. Will started to kiss me again...”Wait!” I said “stay right here don’t move a muscle” There was something I had to do, before Will and I got any closer. As I ran off I turned around once to give Will a reassuring smile and blew him a kiss. He had the look of major sadness and confusion at the same time. I felt bad, but I gotta do this.
I ran two blocks ,walked one and ran two more all the way to Brody’s house. I started to feel way more nervous as I approached his hedge out front. I saw two people on the front porch *hehe* Brody’s parents awww how sweet...WAIT A SEC! I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was not his parents. It was Brody and...someone.

I felt the anger build up inside of me then I remembered how my last fifteen minutes had been spent. I walked a little closer, hiding behind a small hedge. I just wanted to get close enough to see who she was, but it still wasn’t close enough. I walked a bit closer to the porch, hiding behind some of Brody’s Mother’s plants.

I decided to push one little branch over for one look at her and “Ashley!!! what on earth are you doing!?” I spun around to see Mr. and Mrs. Harrison (each carrying a bag of groceries) looking at me in astonishment.

“I uhh umm, I was just trying to figure out who Brody is kissing up there, but it doesn’t matter now. You can tell him it’s over, thanks” and with that I got out of there as fast I could and ran all five blocks to where I’d left Will. Poor Will *hehe*. I felt so happy.

I finally got back to my house and found Will on my front porch swing. “What took you so long” he said as I sat down .

I just smiled at him. “Why are you so happy?” He seemed confused. I can’t believe he couldn’t just figure out what I had done. I took a deep breath...

“I’m so happy because I just found Brody cheating on me and I’m soooo happy because I ran five blocks to tell him it’s over and I’m so happy because I found an easy way out and I’m so happy..." my words were stopped short when Will leaned in and gave me the best kiss of my life. I can’t explain it , it was just utterly amazing. A few minutes later when I finally took his face in my hands and looked into eyes I got to finish my last sentence. “ And I’m so happy because I’m finally here with you”

Chapter 9

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