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So here I am in a huge store, FUN! you say? WRONG! I finally agreed to go “shopping” with Brody. Lets just say a sporting goods store is not exactly my idea of shopping. Actually, I just don’t feel like doing much of anything lately, thing.

Yes I admit it I felt awkward around Will at first but I have been talking to him on the phone every night and loving every second of it. Brody doesn’t know but I can’t tell him. He would get the wrong idea for sure. Will and I are just best friends, Brody’s my least for now. How can I be so unsure of my own thoughts? *sigh*

“What do you think of this?” Brody was holding up some sort of jersey shirt.

“It’s nice” I replied. Heaven forbid I tell the truth.

“And this?”He held up another. This guy was impossible. I am having a crisis here!(course he doesn't know that) Still! Does he really think I care about a dumb shirt?!

“yea that’s nice too, are we going soon?” I’m sure my impatience was written on my face.

“Ash, I thought you loved shopping?!” He looked at me like I was crazy.

“er...well...for clothes and purses and stuff” .

“These are clothes!” Brody held up four more jerseys. What is wrong with this guy? I thought to myself. On the outside I just laughed and took his hand and dragged him out of the store. I’d had enough. I never spent a whole hour in a sporting goods store. I was dead on my feet. As we strolled out the double doors I started to feel hungry. “Lets get something to eat now” I said.

“Yea! I’m starving, where do you wanna eat?” Brody asked.

“Ohhh I’m in the mood for some fine Italian” I said happily.

“Well...” Brody looked bright red. I knew what was wrong right away. How rude of me to have said that, think quick ash! “Actually come to think of it, some fast food sounds mighty good tonight” I hoped that would solve the problem.

Brody lit up “Yea it does!”


Later that night, I sat by the phone obviously waiting for something. “What’s up?” Asked Mary-Kate “You’ve been sitting by the phone for hours” She looked at me again with a smile “Ohhh waiting for a call from a certain someone...possibly..... BRODY!” She laughed and proceeded to the refrigerator still talking to me.

I felt weak with guilt. “Should be Brody” I whispered softly.

“Huh?” she spun around.

“Nuthin...” I felt sick now. Was I falling for Will? I guess it could happen. “Well I hope he calls soon, and don’t talk too long! I need to call Brett kay?” Mary-Kate plopped down on the couch with a bowl of fruit.

“Sure, No Problem” I decided to leave the phone for a while and take a calming bath. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I got up “Mary-Kate, you can use the phone now” I know I sounded sad , and I can’t hide a thing from my twin sister.

“Aww Ash, don’t give up on him yet, it’s only 9:30, Brody isn’t even home till 10:00 if I remember right” Mary-Kate was all ready dialing Brett.

“IT’S NOT BRODY!” I finally screamed and stormed into the bathroom.


That night I lay on my bed *knock knock*

“Come on in” I said. It was Mary-Kate. She looked hurt.At first I wondered why, Then I remembered I had yelled at her.

“Anything you wanna talk about?” She seemed concerned.

“Nah everythings fine, sorry I blew up today. I just need to think right now kay?”.

“Okay, if you need me I’m right across the hall” she slightly chuckled and flounced out the room. I still felt miserable. I went to the kitchen and made a nice big bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. That always made me feel better. And it did do just that. Then I clicked the TV on and dozed off.

Chapter 7

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