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(written by Kat)

"That was rude!" I said to Brody climbing out of my car, at the Blue Diner (we seem to go there a lot)

"The guy was flirting with you!" he argued getting out of his.

I rolled my eyes at the statement "He was not!"

"He was and you know it!" Brody said as we started for the door.

"He was NOT and you know it!" I said, getting the lost word in, since some of Brody's friends were at the Diner and he didn't want them to see us fighting.

"Whatever" he muttered quietly as he waved to his friends, a fake smile on his face.


"This is the dumbest movie I've ever seen" I whispered to Mary-Kate.

The two of us were having a 'sister night', something we made a rule of doing once a month. Sometimes we'd go to a movie, sometimes we'd have a sleepover, other times we'd dress up and go out to dinner. Whatever we did it was always fun.

"Tell me about it" She whispered back trying to stifle a laugh.

The movie was some dumb comedy with hideous acting.

"We shoulda gone to the chick flick" I said

She just nodded in agreement.

"So how are things with you and Brett?" I asked her.

She wrinkled her nose a little "Ok,.. I guess." Her face saddened "I truly can't stand the thought of him going away. After all, most relationships don't survive long distance."

"That's most relationships. You two don't have your average relationship. You've lasted ALL through high school! That's truly amazing!"

She just made a face "I guess..."

A lady a row in front of us turned around to 'shhh' us so we went back to watching the movie in relative silence. Just the occasional crunch of popcorn, or sip of soda making any sound.


"Hello?" I asked trying to calm my breathing. I'd been outside when I heard the phone ring, and since no one was home I had to run inside quickly.


"Will?! Hey!" I recognized his voice immediatly. I'm sure Brody wouldn't like that..

"Hey, how are you doing?"

"Great! How about you?"

"Great. So that Brody guys your boyfriend?" He asked trying to sound casual.

"Yeah we've been together for a week" I said playing with the phone cord (one of my bad habits)

"Cool" He said, obviously not meaning it.

"Yeah, you got a girlfriend?"

"Not at the moment.."


I know it's hard to believe it's possible, but the conversation kind of got even more arkward after that, so I won't torture you with the details.

One thing was for certain, things between Will and I had sure changed a lot!

Chapter 6

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