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(written by Amy)

I started for my car while admiring Westlake High’s gorgeous landscape. I guess I will miss this school . I glanced at the old oak tree on the lawn. I have many memories to go with that tree. First kiss, a fight with Scarlett, doing homework in the shade while waiting for mom or dad to pick me up. Yes I am happy to leave Westlake and move on to bigger and better things, but quite sad as well.

I saw a strange man standing next to my car. He wasn’t facing me. This is odd, I thought. I got a little closer and almost jumped! It was Will Robertson, yes, good ol' Will Robertson. Now I could talk to him, and Brody was no where in sight.

I pulled out my keys from my purse hoping the jingle would make him notice me coming. Sure enough... “Ashley!”

“Will” we both laughed.

“How are you , how is Mary-Kate?”,

“How is everything, Is your father doing better?” Our words overlapped eachothers.

I hadn’t seen Will since sixth grade when we graduated to middle school and he had to go to an all boys one.

“I am doing well, happy to leave this place *hehe*, Mary-Kate is doing great, she’s still with Brett Mitchell”

Will looked amazed. “Wow, that’s a long time”.

“Yes it is” I agreed. We continued to catch up on eachother for almost twenty minutes. We were sitting under the infamous oak tree now.

“Ya he’s still kinda sick and I don’t see him much, I live with mom now and Greg is out the house and on his own” Will went on about his family. I sat and listened tentatively for almost an hour. School had been out for a very long time.

“Well Will , it was great to see you again, we better keep in touch this time” I smiled at him.

“Sure thing, I still have your number” Will grinned. I sensed something, but not quite sure what. Then I saw someone coming toward us.

“Who is that at this hour?” I looked at Will. He looked at me.

“That would be Brody my boyfriend!”.

“Oh” Will said with very little energy. “Come meet him, and maybe explain something” I laughed. I figured this wouldn’t look too good to Brody.

"Ashley! there you are" Brody seemed worried.

"Hey Brode, I'm just catchin up with an old friend."Why don't you introduce this...old friend to me?" Brody actually seemed jealous.

"uhh Brody this is Will, we went to grade school together. Will this is Brody, my boyfriend" saying that felt a little uncomfortable, I'm not sure why.

"Well Ash lets get going now, you take your car" Brody was all ready heading for his car. "Wait!" I called.

"No Nice to meet you's, or hello's?!".

"Oh ya! uhh good meeting you man" said Brody not even looking at Will.

"Ya uhh you too!" Will seemed hurt. I was too. That was rude of Brody.

"Well call me okay? later!"I looked at Will apologetically then walked to my car and drove off.

Chapter 5

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