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(written by Kat)

After a few minutes of convincing myself to calm down, (I don't know what I was so upset about) I ventured back out into the cafe.

I glanced around but couldn't see Will anywhere. I let out a sigh, I was both relieved and disappointed. I saw Brody waving to me, so I made my way back to the table.

"Well, I definitely think you broke your record this time!" he said glancing at his watch "You must have spent like 20 minutes in there!"

I sat down "Sorry" I said blushing. But, for a different reason... Will had just walked in the door and glanced over at me.

I turned away and looked out the window, leaning my head on my hand so he wouldn't see my face.

"Ugh! The one downside with dating a beautiful girl... all the other guys staring!" Brody said noticing Will.

I couldn't see Will, due to my hand being where it was. But, I could see Brody glaring at him.

The rest of our date was just as arkward and I was extremely glad when we finally left the Blue Diner.

"Good-night" I said kissing Brody before climbing out of his car and running inside.

"I'm back!" I called slamming the door. "where is everybody?"

I walked around the house and eventually into the lounge to see Brett and Mary-Kate sitting on the couch watching a movie, as lovey-dovey as ever. I smiled and ran upstairs to my room, deciding not to interrupt them.


"EEP! BEEP! BEEP!" My alarm clock shouted at me.

I groaned and slammed a hand down on it. Wonderful silence filled the room and I burrowed under my blankets a little more.

But, my conscience got the better of me. Darn it!

I groaned again and lept out of bed. Quickly putting my clothes on and brushing my hair.


"Yo Ashley what's up?" My friend Scarlett said greeting me at school later that day.

"Hey girl!" I highfived her.

"Won't you be so glad when we get out of this dump!" She said with a look of disdain, referring to the high school.

"Yeah..." I trailed off. Though I was very glad to be graduating from high school in a couple of months, I couldn't help but feel a little sentimental about the highschool I'd attended for the lost four years.

I sure wouldn't miss getting up early in the morning though!!!

Chapter 4

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