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(written by Amy)

“there they are” I headed for the table I saw all our friends at.

“nah, I like that one over there” Brody pointed to a well secluded table in the corner.

Giving up on sitting with our friends I joined him.

We sat down while still staring right at eachother.

“Ehem! Can I take your order” the waitress was impatiently tapping her foot.

“uhh yes Ill have a razzburry smoothie” I said hoping Brody would say the same. Yet as I feared, he ordered coffee again. *so much for kissing*

“well how was your day hun?” I could hear brody talking to me off in the distance but who was that cute guy over by the counter, he looks so familiar. WILL! could it be Will? wow it sure looks like Will from...gosh! grade school!.

“Ashley! earth to Ashley!” Oh sorry Brode, I was just daydreaming”.

“Well if it wasn’t about me then forget it” Brody said with a chuckle.

“Brody Brody Brody of course it was about you” I gave him that look.

The waitress finally came over with our orders. “Which one of yous was the razzburry shake?”

“It was me! and it was supposed to be a smoothie” what was wrong with this lady I wondered. She set it in front of me and gave Brody his coffee. I rolled my eyes.

“How did your history test go” I tried to make conversation.

“Oh Just fine! I failed” Said Brody happily.

“Brody! can’t you do any better?”.

“Better than failing? me?” He was still smiling . I rolled my eyes again.

It was pretty quiet as we continued to consult his grades, my grades and such dumb topics like weather and Sunday sports. All the while, I kept glancing over at my friend from grade school. It had to be him! I couldn’t miss those striking blue eyes and brown hair. Maybe I should get a little closer just to make sure.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom okay!” I got up slightly fast.

“girls and bathrooms” I heard Brody mutter. I walked closer to the counter my eye on the guy I could swear was Will Robertson. Heading for the restroom door I kept staring at him hoping just for one second he’d look at me and...WHOOPS he just did.

Uh Oh please say he didn’t know it was me.

Oh No! he’s coming over here.

I raced into the girls restroom knocking over a flower pot. Okay Okay calm down Ashley, it’s okay....sigh no it’s not! it’s not okay...he saw me.

I can’t stay in here forever... What will Brody do?


I sat down on the couch.

Chapter 3

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