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(Written by Amy)

I cupped my hands over my mouth and watched Will finish reading the document. He looked up at me sadly and started to put his arm around me. “No!... No!” I said pulling his arm off and grabbing the paper. I scanned it myself all ready feeling my body go numb and tears well up in my eyes. “Don’t you ever EVER scare me like that again” I said after reading through to find I was not only accepted but a scholarship went through.”WILLLLLL!!!’ I screamed. “I MADE IT! and I’m gonna get you for that mean trick”.

Will put his arms out for a hug “I only tease ya cuz love ya, congratulations” he said with a smile as he swung me around. “Time to Cel...a...BRATE!” With that he picked me up and carried me to the car.

“So where we going?” I said totally not expecting a trip out and fussing with my hair while digging in my pocket for lip gloss.

“Ash...just relax, you look great” Will started the car down the street.

“Well I would like to know where we’re going please’ I had pulled down the sun visor to expose the mirror.

Will pulled into a familiar parking lot. “BLUE CAFE!” I screeched as I reached over to kiss Will on the cheek. There’s not a better place to celebrate then where we were first reunited after years.

“you like?” he said opening my door.

‘I love” I said as I scrambled to handbrush my hair.

“Ashley! your hair looks great, would you get out of the car all ready??”

“Sorry Will...I wasn’t expecting to leave so suddenly, I thought you might want to finish that movie you seemed awfully engrossed in..”

Will cut me off “Minority Report! I totally forg..”

I then cut him off “as you should have when you find out I’m accepted riiiiiight?”

I looked him in the eyes with an intensive stare. He can’t possibly wanna go back and watch it. “right” he shrugged “but as soon as we have a couple smoothies it’s back to Minority Report” he said excitedly.

“fine” I laughed and dragged him into Blue Cafe.

“What’s it gonna be” a waitress appeared as we sat down at the famous “Will and Ashley” table.

“What it always is” I said smiling.

With that she stuck her notepad back in her apron “gotcha” she winked.

“So Will, now is as good a time as any to discuss how we’ll manage things while I’m UCLA...and with you going to UCSD we will be two hours apart and...”

“Ash” Will managed to cut me off again. “Everything is gonna be fine, it’s just two hours..don’t worry please” He grabbed my hand and cupped it in his “This is a night of celebration” he smiled and “ Minority Report”.

“Here ya go” the waitress, aka Suzy set down a raspberry smoothie for me and a chocolate shake for Will.

“Thanks” we said in unison.

“You’re right! I’m happy Will, I really am oohhh I never been sooo happy!” I was smiling ear to ear.

“That’s MUCH more like it” he said taking a sip of his shake.

With the last slurp of my smoothie I gave Will the look saying fine we can go back and watch the movie some more. He jumped excitedly out of his seat and rushed to the door of the cafe. I just sat there *hey! it’s fun to tease* “Ashleeeey com’n” Will whined “Don’t make me carry you to the car again”.

I slowly got out of my seat and slowly walked to the door and slowly to the car which Will was in and had all ready started “Ashley!” I picked up my pace a lil.

*click* I looked at Will who still had his eyes glued to the tv. To him, even the credits seemed to keep his attention. What is it with guys and and action.

“Will honey...the movie is over! The screen is blank” He shook his head a lil and looked at me with a big smile “wanna watch it again???”

“Not really I said pressing rewind. “It’s late Will, very late” I got up “So it is” he said grabbing the movie out of the vcr. Of course he’s gonna watch it again hehe.

“I best be on my way then” He walked to the door. Something was missing I didn’t quite know what it was but something just wasn’t right. He opened the door and walked outside. “Oh! I almost forgot” he said stumbling back in

“Oh ya the movie cover” I said “No, this” Will cupped my face in hands and we kissed for a while. Then he pulled back and looked me in the eyes

“Congratulation baby, you deserve it” and he walked out the door and blew me a kiss. I closed the door and leaned against it *sigh* so that’s what was missing.

Chapter 17

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