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(Written by Kat)

I nervously paced the foyer waiting for Will to arrive. See what I forgot to mention is that I got the letter back from that college I applied to. And I'm too scared to open it!

After what seemed like a century I heard Will's car squeak to a stop outside then his footsteps on the path. I ran to the door and opened it just as he lifted his fist to knock.

"You know, I'd never have taken you for the abusive type" I joked staring point blank at his fist.

"Ha ha!" He swung his arm around my shoulder and we walked inside.

"So what movie have you got?" Will asked as we sat down to watch. He looked scared.

"Um.. well" I looked away, then leaned forward and played with the the bag of popcorn in front of us.

"Ashley?" Will sounded really scared now.

"Well I got... I got... Minority Report" I said handing him the video case.

Will breathed a sigh of relief "You're a sweetie" he said leaning over to kiss me. "Phew" he said settling back on the couch. You had me worried. I thought you'd got something like 'A walk to Remember'"

I laughed, then when he wasn't looking, kicked the copy of Walk to Remember under the sofa, I planned to watch that with Mary-Kate later that night.


I tried to watch the movie, but no matter what I just couldn't concentrate. I sighed and picked up the remote, I quickly pressed the stop button.

"Hey!" Will yelped, almost leaping out of his seat. I guess he'd been more engrossed then I thought...

"Will" I said seriously "I need your help"

He turned to me "What with?" He asked. He glanced back at the tv again, mournfully "You have my undevided attention" He glanced at the tv again.

"Sure I do!" I got up and walked to the stairs. "I'll be just a second." I called over my shoulder. I raced to the top of the stairs, into my room, opened my desk drawer, and dug around till I found the envelope. By this time it was getting a little beaten up. I'd got it yesterday morning and since then I'd held it and stared at it so much, as if the actual envelope would tell the secret of what the letter revealed.

I sighed then went back downstairs. As soon as I got there I heard the sound of hte movie. "Will!" I scolded. I walked into the room, over to the video player and switched it off, again!

"Sorry. I.... couldn't help it" Will said cringing.

I sighed and sat down next to him. I scrunched my eyes closed then held the envelope out to him.

"What's this?" He asked taking it from me.

I opened one eye "College admittence or declination" I said sadly.

His eyes lit up "Ashley! Woah" He said "What does it say?"

"I don't know" I admitted "I... haven't been brave enough to open it" I looked him in the eyes "Could you?"

He nodded and took a deep breath. He slowly tore the envelope open and unfolded the letter. He quickly scanned it then cleared his throat, then started to read.

Chapter 16

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